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12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Birmingham

12 Types Of People You’ll Run Into When In Birmingham

You will without a doubt run into this list of people when in Birmingham! If you are a local, you will definitely understand.

With Birmingham being one of the most diverse cities in the UK you’re bound to bump into people from all walks of life, whether they’re divas, travelers or locals. Here are 12 types of people you’re most likely to bump into when in Birmingham:

1 A student

With four main unis and several colleges Birmingham is full of students, especially around the city center out with friends during their frees or tucked in cafes rushing through an assignment. And don’t even try to catch a bus around 4-5 pm because there’ll be hundreds of them trying to get as far away as possible from their uni/colleges.

This row of shops at Bournville Village in Birmrmingham, was designed by Bedford Tylor and built between 1905 and 1908.


2 A roadman

This city is crawling with roadmen (today’s version of thugs), you probably can’t walk 5 minutes without seeing their bomber jackets and cigarette smoke.

3 A taxi driver

Birmingham is a city full of busy people trying to get from one place to another so there are so many taxi drivers you can not miss them! If you ever get to meet one trust me when I say they will know your whole life story in a matter of half an hour.

4 A homeless person

Unfortunately there are many homeless people when in Birmingham usually sitting in the city center or on roads with a sign asking for money. If you do ever meet one, try to spare some change or maybe just buy them a cup of tea and some food.


Botanical Gardens, Birmingham, UK

5 A preacher

If you’re in Bullring, you’ll see at least three preachers near Waterstones all of which trying to convert you. Trust me you can’t miss them with their loud microphones and leaflets, preaching about God and Jesus.

6 A performer

There are usually performers like singers, dancers and even people jumping into fire rings in Bullring most weekends, you can’t visit Birmingham without bumping into one.


7 A football fan

If you live in Birmingham you know not to go out when there’s a football game on in the stadium because there is usually a crowd of people in blue and white all over when in Birmingham, you’re sure to see one.

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8 A gym lad

Birmingham is full of gym lads, you know the type always at the gym and posting about it, you’ll see them all over the city if they’re not at the gym.


9 A fashionista

These trendy girls are hard not to bump into when in Birmingham, you’ll know them by their stylish clothes and Starbucks cups always going to fancy aesthetic places to eat.

10 A Tourist

The city center is full of tourists especially foreign exchange students usually posing around the big metal Bull inside Bullring and taking pictures of everything.

11 A workaholic

Business men and women are what make up Birmingham so it’ll be no surprise if you bump into one when in Birmingham, you’ll find them in suits or uniform rushing to get to work in the morning.


12 An artist

Birmingham is known for it’s street art in Digbeth behind the Custard Factory where you can walk around to see amazing graffiti, so there’s no surprise if you were to bump into one, sometimes you’ll even see some in Bullring trying to draw people or do an amazing picture on the floor.

Do you agree with this list of people you will run into when in Birmingham? Let us know in the comments.

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