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20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Obsessed With Food

20 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Obsessed With Food

Food. We need it, we love it, sometimes too much. From snacks, to your favorite meal, food is more than just something to give you energy to get through the day. Keep reading for 20 things you can relate to if you’re obsessed with food!

1. Food always comes first.

Now this applies to any situation, be it life or death, food comes first.

2. The thought of the student diet gives you hives.

People always say that to make their loan last, they resorted to beans on toast but you would rather give up rent then to be without food.


3. You will try anything once.

Snails, pigs’ feet and even crickets. If it it’s classed as a food somewhere in the world, you will give it a go.

4. Cancelling plans is perfectly acceptable if you are about to eat.

Telling someone you can’t go out because you have plans, when your plans are eating is perfectly acceptable.

5. Budgeting for food never works.

Leaving a certain budget for food will never work. It will never cover random cravings or that (insert food here) that you just had to have.



6. You plan your life around your meals.

Your day consists of before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner and after dinner.

7. You are constantly thinking about what you will eat next.

Planning what you will have for dinner whilst eating lunch is perfectly normal for you.


8. If free food if offered then you will take it, no matter what.

Also if an event has free food on offer then they can expect you there.

9. You don’t have a favourite food because…

Pizza, pasta, burgers, pies, chocolate, calamari, strawberries, grapes, salad, steak, chips…

10. You know you’re obsessed with food when there is always room for dessert.

This is because you understand that dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it goes to the heart.


11. You can’t be held responsible for what you say when you are hangry.

Hangry is a technical term that should not be taken lightly.

12. Eating is a legit hobby.

Eating takes skill and years of practice. It really should be an Olympic sport!

13. Most of the photos you take are of food.

Food pics are what Instagram is for, no?


14. The thought of a diet is laughable.

You just can’t comprehend giving up some food even for a few hours, never mind longer.

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15. You never joke about food.

Jokes about no food or skipped meals are not something to be laughed at.



16. Giving someone your food is the highest honour you can bestow.

This is a sign of true friendship, it is the same as giving them your first born.

17. Burning food should be a criminal offence.

Any waste of food is a crime and makes you weep.


18. Food is the best medicine.

If you’re obsessed with food, you know that there is food that will cure almost anything. Pizza for hangovers, toast for stomachs and chocolate for just about anything else.

19. You are saddened by the lack of food at parties as you get older.

You would much prefer to go back to the days of buffet snacks and party bags with cake.

20. You are well and truly in love with food.

People will never understand your love of food but that’s ok because food will always be there for you.

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