The 20 Most Instgrammable Cafes In Southampton

In Southampton, there are various cute coffee shops and cafes you can go to. Here are the best cafes in Southampton for taking that perfect Instagram pic!
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Throughout Southampton there are various different coffee shops, from the mainstream cafe’s such as Starbucks, to those tiny, independent ones, they’re perfect for meeting with friends, going on a casual date, or for getting a new Instagram picture. Here’s your guide to the most Instagrammable coffee shops and cafes in Southampton.

1. Momento

Inspired by the idea of time, Momento is a very unique cafe that sells the finest Italian pastries and delicacies. The interior is inspired by the name of the shop and is what makes this brand unique. Just look at the interior below.

2. Artisan

The Artisan is located just opposite of Momento Cafe and has a very vintage vibe to its interior design. Shabby chic yet charmingly unique, perfect characteristics for an Instagram image that is going to gain tones of likes. With their handmade food and special ground coffee, this is the coffee shop experience you’ve been waiting for.



3. Halladay’s Tea Room

One of the single cutest coffee shops to go to in Southampton. Enough said. It is a small cafe that oozes vintage charm throughout. From their adorable homemade cakes to their refreshing, flavourful milkshakes, you’ll come out satisfied with a food coma and wanting more on a daily basis. Also you’ll be sure to say “OMG that is adorable” at least 20 times in the duration of your visit to this coffee shop.


4. Cafe Creme

A small coffee shop with a hell of a lot of character (and one of the best panni’s in the world.) It’s simplistic interior and their attention to detail when it comes to food makes it one of the cutest places to visit in Southampton.


5. Retro Cafe

The name says it all, it’s a cafe inspired by all things old and retro. It truly is like stepping back in time when walking into this coffee shop and honestly what would make a better Insta post? Dine, back in time.


6. Ebb and Flow

This place is the epitome of the modern approach to shabby chic. if you’re looking for Furnishings and decor that doesn’t quite match yet doesn’t look out of place, Ebb and Flow is the perfect coffee shop to fit this aesthetic, furthermore makes for a very unique Instagram photograph. Not to mention their range of food keeps you wanting more.

7. No.4 Coffee and Wine Bar

I would describe it as a blogger’s delight. Clean cut, elegant and to top it off, fabulously wonderful tea and coffee. One coffee shop you have to visit to experience its original atmosphere of cosiness.


8. The docks

This cafe is much like those you find on the beachside and furthermore gives off this vibe through its decor. Not only that, but their attention to presentation is exquisite. Be sure to try their “Freakshake” with a slice of cake. Need a new Instagram post and need a quick pick me up…head to The Docks.

9. La Vita Cafe

La Vita Cafe is one of the most unique coffee shops in Southampton. Although it does not look like much from the outside, when stepping inside, you’re transported into a traditional Italian style coffee shop. Imagine drinking the best coffee in this cosy atmosphere, you don’t need to, just head to La Vita Cafe.

10. The Art House

Imagine sipping your coffee whilst absorbing different pieces of art work from many Southampton society. Well you can at The Art House. Have a drink in this modern and rather quirky cafe and furthermore, they source organic food and this is what the brand prides itself on..


11. Sprinkles Gelato

Give everyone food envy when uploading a photograph of your waffle or crepe when visiting Sprinkles Gelato. With many different flavours of ice creams, sundaes and other Instagram-ably good food, you don’t have to just have waffles. And when it looks this good, you’ll be wanting to go back for more.

12. Cafe Monde

An independent cafe with a rather quirky interior is how I would describe this coffee shop. You’ll be sure to have the most unique image when capturing the heart of this cafe. And with friendly staff and scrumptious homemade food, you’d be silly not to visit this coffee shop. It’s always full for a reason.

13. Cafe Rumi’s

Newly refurbished, this cafe is simplistic and modern, what I think makes for an awesome Instagram post. But that’s not all, they proudly present their dishes and deserts in stylish and sophisticated ways, you’ll want to show off to all your followers what you’re currently eating.

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14. Elsie’s Traditional Tea Room

Although slightly outside of the main city centre, Elsies Traditional Tea Room is exactly what it says on the tin. Have an afternoon tea at what is described as a cosy and friendly atmosphere and just be immersed in a very vintage and traditional coffee shop. A truly wonderful experience.

15. The Coffee Lab

The newest and simply coolest place to have a coffee and the best part…they allow dogs in their shop, so that’s one more reason to visit this place. So elegant and slick yet gives off a very indie vibe with its illustrations on the wall. You’ll be sure to drink fabulous coffee while watching the likes come rolling in on your phone.


16. Central Coffee

Central Coffee, although it doesn’t look like much, is one of the most Instagrammable places due to its extremely simplistic design and presentation of foods. It is extremely cosy and the perfect place to pop into just before university starts.

17. Maritimo Lounge

A classic vintage coffee shop with a modern twist. Jazzy wallpaper and kooky wall art accompanies the walls and vintage lamps cover the entire ceiling. However, that’s not all you’ll be captivated by as you can sip your coffee watching wistfully as boats sail past you on the docks. I know what you’re thinking, this is going to make a fabulous Instagram post…am I right?


18. Santo Lounge

A huge coffee shop with a cosy interior and a hell of a lot of heart. As you enter, you’re greeted with a vintage and rather picturesque scene which makes you fall in love with the coffee shop even more.

19. Metrics

What makes Metrics so special is just how rustic all the decor is, from the chairs and furnishings to the coffee mugs, cake plates and hanging art. It’s a very unique coffee shop and with a few being up and down the high street you have a few to choose from. It’s also special because the chain is located only in Southampton, you won’t find this anywhere else in the country.

20. Cafe Fumee

Finally we have Cafe Fumee, an authentic coffee shop with a beautifully unique aesthetic. Dine under lanterns inside or opt for outside with lovely views and tropical atmospheres. Furthermore, you can take a small stroll to the docks when you’re done and finish the afternoon with beautiful views.


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