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The 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants In Manchester

The 10 Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants In Manchester

Read on to get the 20 most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Manchester, with each place possessing it's own unique style to spice up your Insta

In an exciting, bustling city like Manchester, the possibilities for the perfect Instagram shot are endless. But what happens when you combine amazing food with the most amazing locations around the city? You get the 20 most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Manchester, with each place possessing it’s own unique style to spice up your Insta.

1. Menagerie

At number one is a personal favourite of mine, . The interior of Menagerie is a true treat for the eyes with its glamorous, brightly lit decor, perfect for setting the scene of your latest Insta with it’s stylish, unique backdrop. After personally visiting myself purely for the beautiful aesthetic, I was not disappointed. With classic marble tables and vases filled with white flowers, this creates an expensive feel and a perfect Insta shot.

2. Tattu

Along with it’s incredible Oriental cuisine, Tattu certainly doesn’t lack in the interior department. Inspiration is drawn from the Orient itself as well as body art which is tattooed onto individual chairs. This restaurant is perfect for getting that stunning Instagram shot, adding that luxurious, sophisticated edge to your profile.  Also, a popular Instagram shot is the huuuge pink blossom tree that towers above you as you eat, creating the feel of an authentic Japanese garden.


3. French at The Midland

A less well known restaurant in the Instagram world is French at The Midland, a restaurant with a dark, moody but sexy vibe. The edgy decor of this place in combination with great diamond chandelier balls make it a must for your Insta.


4. Australasia

Another personal favourite of mine. If you’re like me and are obsessed with clean, white, minimalistic interior then this restaurant is yearning to be crossed off your Instagram hit list. White washed brick walls, elegant nude interior partnered with bare trees dotted around the restaurant make this place a beautiful sight. Also, the entrance to Australasia features a staircase leading down towards a basement right in the middle of the pavement. It’s a picture that definitely needs taking.


5. The Rose Garden

Although the title of this restaurant suggests  a slightly different decor than imagined, possibly a garden patio decorated with rose filled vases on tables and fairy lights, however this place is a pleasant opposite. Bright neon decor with regular splashes of colour amongst a clean white background provide you with a stunning photo for your feed.

6. Dogs n Dough

A hot dog lovers dream. One way to make your Insta followers envious would certainly be to post a picture of these huge, American style hot dogs or one of their mouthwatering-ly good dessert pizzas.

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7. The Alchemist

Chances are you’ve seen pictures of this place all over your feed. It’s probably one of the most incredible Instagram-worthy restaurants not only in Manchester but many other different cities in the UK, and rightly so. It’s bubbling, fizzing cocktails are like no other and definitely worth catching a photo of.

8. Neighbourhood

The plush, glamorous feel of this place definitely makes it photo-worthy. All food is served beautifully laid out and makes a beautiful Insta shot. One recommendation that is commonly photographed is the bright neon lighting behind the bar which reads ‘the best view of heaven is from hell’, edgy but pretty to look at.

9. The Oast House

Inside this enchanting wooden building you’ll find twinkling fairy lights dangling from the ceiling as well as a cosy, log cabin-esque environment perfect for your Instagram.


10. The Lawn Club

The final restaurant on the list is The Lawn Club. This restaurant allows you to sit on an actual open lawn and soak up the (rare) sun in a deck chair while sipping a beverage. It has a posh, expensive feel, so get ready to live the high life for a day for your Insta feed.

Do you know any other Insta-worthy restaurants in Manchester? Let us know in the comments!
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