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10 Best Spots To Grab Craft Beers In Manchester

10 Best Spots To Grab Craft Beers In Manchester

If you're looking for some advice on where to drink craft ale's in Manchester, then look no further. I've made a list of the best craft beers in Manchester.

If you’re looking for some inspirational advice on where to drink craft beers in Manchester who better to ask than an honorary Northerner! Having ventured up from the big smoke over 8 years ago, my eyes have been opened to the cultural offerings that Manchester has to offer. When I say cultural offerings, I of course mean the choice of alternative, back street boozers and bars that surprise and entertain.

But as you read this you’ll think, he’s not from Manchester so I’m not sure I’ll trust this. It’s fine I understand which is why I’ve consulted someone who was described as “the most manc man I’ve ever met”. Having worked with Paul for a number of years, I’ve started to love his Northern phrases and most of all, his choice in drinking destinations off the beaten track.

“Being the most Manc person Phill knows, it’s only right he came to me for a consultation on boozers. Now I’m no alcoholic but I do know my city’s watering holes and we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite gaffs. These range from quirky hidden bars with a table tennis room to old school pubs where they probably still accept schillings! enjoy the read.”

I’ll split this into two, starting off with:


The Top 5 Manchester Back Street Boozers:

The Bouncing Czech – Northern Quarter

Situated not far from the well known meat lovers heaven, Solita, this Czech bar is a perfect places for most major sports, Manchester’s favorite Pilsner and a traditional Czech menu including Ghoulash and Bratwurst. For the fruit based drink lover there’s a well stocked Cocktail menu and for the traditionalists a well stock European craft ale choice too.

Go bohemian and enjoy a session here or make use of the large basement area for a party.

Twenty Twenty Two – Northern Quarter

Ask me about some of my favourite nights out in Manchester and most of them start at Twenty Twenty Twos. What’s more entertaining than a can of red stripe and the choice of table tennis or beer pong  on a Friday night? If you include someone’s birthday and a birthday outfit picked from a thrift shop in the mix, you’re onto a winner.


Twenty Twenty Two is a gem. It’s hidden away so chances are you’ve probably not heard of it. I suggest you go however good at table tennis you are. It’s on Dale Street in the Northern Quarter and a perfect place to break the ice with colleagues. Who can’t possibly not join in a game of beer pong!


The Marble Arch – Rochdale Road

Southerners this is one for you. The Marble Arch could have literally been moved from London and placed on Rochdale Road beer garden and all. This is a must if the sun’s out and you’re hungry. From an amazing menu to a quality selection of beers you can’t not enjoy your time here. craft beers in Manchester 


Being narrow it’s a very intimate pub but that’s good. You want to be able to hear each other especially when someone’s calling out “My round what’s everyone having”

If you’re lucky and the weather is decent, head out into the beer garden and enjoy the best of Manchester.

Font – New Wakefield Street

Font in New Wakefield Street combines the quaint at home feel of eateries like home sweet home and the vibes of a quality tiki bar, craft indie bar and house venue. It really is a choice for everyone.


There’s an amazing selection of beers, cocktail menus changing regularly as well as food and drink promotions to squeeze the wallet out of the tightest of mates.

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Font is a place to turn up for the food alone as the cosy restaurant describes itself as “serving huge portions at a ludicrously low price.”  Then stay, drink and move have an amazing night.


Sams Chophouse – Just off King Street (quality)

My first proper meal and drinks in Manchester started at a fancy restaurant. And ended up in Sam’s Chophouse where I ended up waiting for a fella at the bar to be served. In turns out I was waiting for a Statue of LS Lowry which of course provided a lot of hilarity for my wife and friends who were watching on in stitches.

You see being over 140 years old, Sam’s chophouse has commemorated LS Lowry who was one of their regulars, with a statue. So be prepared!

Sam’s is one of the larger venues on the list that’s still got a pub feel. And one where they’ve not sold out to the Gastro or high priced restaurants. You’ll easily get one of the nicest home cooked meals you’ve tasted. But even better, a quality pint and excellent service.


This pub sums up the term Back Street Boozer. It’s in an area with the likes of restaurants such as Rosso, Jamie’s Italian and other high priced “Named” restaurants. Cut the BS, enjoy a decent drink with your mates and if you’re feeling hungry, share a bag of pork scratchings.


The Top 5 Commercial Boozers:

You’ve read about the hidden, unknown boozers for a good pint here’s some more popular/commercial ones too.


Albert Schloss – St Peter’s Street

Brew Dog – St Peter’s Street

57 Thomas Street – Guess 🙂

The Piccadilly Tap – Piccadilly Station

Pie & Ale – Lever Street, NQ

Do you know any other good spots for craft beers in Manchester? Let us know in the comments below!
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