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20 Cafes In Limerick To Up Your Instagram Game

20 Cafes In Limerick To Up Your Instagram Game

If you're looking for a cool place to grab a bite to eat, while snapping some trendy pics, make sure to check out one of these cafes in Limerick!
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Limerick is brimming full of cute and quirky Instagram worthy cafés! Whether it’s latte art you’re looking for or simply the ideal Instagram background, you’re bound to find a café that will suit your Instagram aesthetic! Here are 20 cafes in Limerick to up your Instagram game!

1. Jack Mondays

Overlooking the beautiful view of King Johns Castle and the Shannon bridge, this café supplies the most indulgent hot chocolate you’ll ever taste! The indoor and outdoor seating guarantees the ideal photo opportunity for every season.

2. Olio and Farina

This Italian eatery doubles as a café/restaurant on Little Catherine Street.  Its rustic interiors mirrors a Tuscan restaurant, which is perfect for any pasta fanatic!


3. Sage Café

While the overall presentation of this café is classic and cool, it’s the menu that makes this café Instagram worthy! The carrot cake definitely doesn’t need any filter.


4. Hook and Ladder

This restaurant has been somewhat over-hyped in the past, however a recent visit to Hook and Ladder has proved my speculations wrong. With its quirky and cosy interiors, it’s not hard to see why they have opened a second restaurant!

5. Zest Café

Attached to Limerick’s art museum, as well as being situated in People’s Park, this café is renowned for its colourful cakes, in addition to its instagrammable backdrop.



6. Bean an Tí

Akin to Olio and Farina, Bean an Tí is located on Little Catherine Street, so you’re spoiled for choice.  Known for it’s traditional baked goods, this petit café underwent a re vamp last Summer, so it deserves to make an appearance on feed!

7. Green Yard Café

If you attend Mary I, this café is a must visit, as its situated on the South Circular Road.  With its friendly staff and affordable, yet delicious food, The Green Yard Café is definitely Instagram worthy!



Canteen appears to a “hipster haven” according to Instagram.  So if it’s a minimalist Instagram theme you’re after, Canteen is the place for you; however, I think it’s a tad over priced for a student budget.

9. Aroma

Sometimes the staff in a café really makes the coffee shop what it is, and Aroma is no exception. With extremely affordable coffee prices and petit interiors, it’s no wonder that Aroma has its regulars.

10.  The Stormy Tea Cup

Once again, this café is a popular one with students as the cosy layout forces one to spend the rest of your afternoon there.  Its selection of teas alone is an attraction!



11.   Chez le Fab

While I must admit the Americanos are slightly on the weak side for me, the location of this is café gives you the ideal Instagram opportunity of the river Shannon.  You can also bring your pets along, with a free treat!

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If it’s stellar latté art your after, Arabica is the place for you.  The relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices makes Arabica one of the best coffee houses in Limerick!

13.  Petit Paris

Located just off the Shannon Bridge, the match box sized interiors and classic furniture really does mimic a Parisian café! Pop on your red beret and head to Petit Paris!

14.  The Milk Market

Enjoy a classic Americano from a selection of coffee stalls and cafés in the Milk Market while people watching on the balcony! The location and quirky coffee cups makes this place Instagram worthy!


15.  Itea

If you’re not a coffee person, try Itea; located in the Milk Market for a selection of beverages and a spot to eat. If you want to try something different to Barry’s tea, try the gerval tea!

16.  Javinos, Ennis Road

Located 15 minutes from town, Javino’s café is ideal if you need a quick coffee fix , as well as an easy Instagram opportunity!


17. Melt Café

This unconventional café serves quality coffee without an outrageous price tag! With minimal seating, make sure you grab a table fast for an instagrammable snap!

18. Starbucks

Calling all basic bitches! If you’re looking for weak over-priced coffee head to Starbucks for your frappuccino fix!

19. Ruby Tuesday’s

Steer clear of this café during the school months if you don’t want to encounter stressed out teens.  However, this café’s charming Georgian interiors is enough reason to pay Ruby Tuesday’s a visit.

20. Freshii

This café/salad bar recently opened on Thomas St and is already enticing a crowd!  The minimalistic bright café mixes up the marble backdrop for your Instagram account.
These are 20 cafes in Limerick that are sure to up your Instagram game! Share your thoughts or questions in the comments!
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