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8 (As If You Needed That Many) Reasons We Love The Sprouse Twins

8 (As If You Needed That Many) Reasons We Love The Sprouse Twins

The Sprouse twins were our favorite twins while we were growing up. They have grown into men and moved on from the Disney Channel.

You might know Cole and Dylan Sprouse from movies like Big Daddy, The Prince And The Pauper or hit TV show The Suit Life Of Zack And Cody. If you don’t know them then I mean seriously where were you when The Suit Life Of Zack And Cody was on Disney channel like everyday. But the Sprouse twins are more than just actors, they’re a pieces of art blessing us through our TV screens.

1. They’re so damn hot!

You had to have known that this would be the first reason to love the Sprouse twins. We are so lucky that there are two of them because can you imagine the chaos that would have spread around the world as every single girl tries to fight for one, at least now it’s only half of the world’s female population, right? And to do you all a favor I’ll leave some pictures of them at the bottom of the article… *plans how to get twins whilst people are distracted with pictures of them*

2. The Suit Life Of Zack And Cody/On Deck

You cannot forget the funniest show on Disney channel with the twins. It was about twins (Cole and Dylan) who lived in a hotel with their mom, they caused all sorts of trouble for Mr Moseby who was the hotel manager. The show was so good they carried it on as the boys got older to a cruise ship and also came out with a movie. This is when like most girls, my 13 year old self fell in love with the twins. (Btw you need to check out Woody’s glow up! You’ll be so surprised)


3. They’re hilarious

Aside from their roles as two cheeky kids, the Sprouse twins are the funniest twins you’ll meet. All you have to do is look at their Twitter page to see their hilarious tweets, often about each other. 

4. They’re in cute relationships

Even though Cole and Lili Reinhart haven’t confirmed their relationship, we all know they’re together, they’ve been caught kissing in Paris and even went to the met together *cries a little in happiness and a little in sadness*, what’s even cuter is that their characters on Riverdale are madly in love. Dylan has been all over Barbra Palvin’s Instagram and the couple look so cute together, she even wished him a happy birthday which made our hearts melt a little.


Riverdale is a dark and mysterious TV show which stars Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, he plays the son of a gang leader and is an aspiring writer. Cole Sprouse plays him so well and it’ll make you fall in love with him even more, Judhead Jones has to be my favorite character in Riverdale.


6. Their style is amazing

The Sprouse twins make incredible style and outfit choices, Dylan going for more of a bad boy look and Cole going for classy chic. Dylan has just gone into the liquor business which makes his bad boy style all that much more sexy and Cole’s Instagram account is full of photography which makes him literally every artistic girl’s dream.


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7. We’ve grown up with them

If you watched their Disney shows and movies from when they were kids then you’ve most likely grown up with them, this is another reason to love them. They were so small when they started acting and we used to watch them as children too, and now we’re watching them and following them on their journey through life which I think makes us love them so much more.

8. They’re friends with Kj Apa

For those of you who don’t know who Kj Apa is, he is an Austrailan actor who works with Cole on Riverdale as Archie Andrews. Cole and Kj Apa have a cute bromance on and off set, they’re always posting about each other on social media. Kj Apa is crazy hot, has abs and a great jawline, what more could you want?

I can’t tell you had hard it was trying to find pictures for this article because there are just so many good ones of them both, so enjoy some more…


What were some of your favorite moments with the Sprouse twins? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Weheartit