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I Accidentally Made Out With My Boyfriend’s Brother, Here’s What Happened

I Accidentally Made Out With My Boyfriend’s Brother, Here’s What Happened

Getting with your partners sibling is a drama and fantasy that is likely way more common than you think it is. And although this event was full of drama and mystery, i want to highlight the fact he’s now my EX boyfriend, and not because of the incident!

Here’s what happened…

Background Info

So I’d like to start by adding some background information, this was around six years ago and I was with my boyfriend for almost two years. The relationship was pretty dull in general, we were definitely better as friends. We ended the relationship just before I went off to university, so I could have a summer of scandal and absolute freedom which was awesome. He decided he didn’t want to go off and explore life – he was a small town boy, and small town boy he stayed.


Setting The Scene

Okay, so the incident occurred on one of my trips back to my hometown from uni so no, we weren’t still together. But you know, we still kept in contact and there was talk about possibly having a round two hook up situation, which thank god, did not happen!

Right, so i think I must of come home for Christmas, or new year or something like that, so of course had to meet up with my home friends and go on a wild night out, since we’d been so far away from each other for sooo long, and low and behold the ex and his brother was there.

I’m from a very small town, its extremely likely that everyone is going to bump into everyone on a Friday night, but that’d neither here nor there.


Blame The Drinks

So i was about 18 at this point so of course when a reunion is on the table we all decided to get waaayyy too drunk. The tequila shots were flowing, as was the jaeger bombs – not a great combo.

At this point everyone was either having a terrible time or an absolute ball. I personally was just struggling to stay upright. But it was all fine because I had my, definitely more than a foot taller than me ex by my side to make sure I didn’t end up sprawled across the dance floor and eventually kicked out.

Its about 3 in the morning now and everyone decides to go to the next place, somewhere with more seats as to minimize the effort needed to stay vertical. And of course my ex and his brother decided to come with- which is fine, I guess.


The Incident

We were all chatting and chilling, and the conversation goes deep, everything gets brought up, about the relationship about what happened, confessionals, everything!! It got so heated to the extent, I decided to get up and leave the convo, upon leaving though I start having regrets, and return to the scene. I apologize give him a great big hug, and kiss on the cheek.

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Unfortunately though, it doesn’t stop there and he kisses me on the lips, which then turned into a full on SNOG. I was taken a back to say the least, but also very pleasantly surprised. I don’t particularly know what happened in these last few months but he’s seriously upped his kissing game!


The Dawning

I realize what’s happening and slap some sense into myself, I do not like where this is heading, or could potentially head. So I push him away, only to realize this is not who I thought this was. This is his TWIN brother!!

I look around and the ex is no where to be seen, but next to us is my best friend, eyes wide open, mouthing ‘what. the fuck’. I look at her like ‘God. i know’, she then pulls be aside for a 5 minute lecture. I then down a double vodka soda and continued acting like nothing ever happened. (I’d look too suspicious if I fled the scene immediately!)

I’ll Never Do It Again

Okay so in retrospect, this was a terrible thing to do. And although I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy, it was still totally worth it. Having said that, the guilt still haunts me to this day, and I can firmly and honestly say, I will never do anything like this again, ex or not, siblings are off limits, even if it was an accident. The next time i decide to make-out with someone I’m 100% asking for ID!


Have you ever made out with an current partner or ex’s sibling? Get it off your chest by sharing in the comments below!

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