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10 Beauty Hacks To Get Ready In The Morning

10 Beauty Hacks To Get Ready In The Morning

Getting ready for class in the morning can be rough. These are quick and easy beauty hacks to get ready in the morning and look like you put in a lot of effort!

So, like any typical Uni student you’ve had a late night, and whilst it seemed like a good idea at the time, you’ve got an early morning lecture. You still want to look good for it, but getting out of bed is a real struggle. So, here are 10 easy beauty hacks to get ready in the morning and look like you put in a lot of effort.

1. Use Your Hands

When it comes to applying your foundation and concealer, don’t bother faffing around with brushes. The warmth of your hands means you can blend more efficiently and the end result is more natural anyway. If you are a fan of eye shadow and have a little extra time on your hands, or just want to jazz up your look a bit, opt for a cream eye shadow that you can also apply with your fingers to save you precious time. You can also use a cream blush by applying a small amount onto your finger and rubbing it onto the apples of your cheeks.

2. Concealer Is Your Friend

If you don’t feel in need of foundation, just use concealer where needed, such as spots, red areas and under your eyes. Concealer under your eyes is especially important to making it look like you’ve had a goods night sleep. Don’t bother using a lighter shade for under your eyes if you don’t have enough time to switch between shades. The important thing is to cover those under-eye circles and spots for a more flawless base.


3. Skip The Contour And Highlight

Whilst contour and highlight are a great way of emphasizing features on your face, it is just a waste of time in the morning, especially for a lecture. Save the contour and highlight for the next night out.

4. Don’t Skip The Mascara

Granted applying mascara is sometimes a bit of a drag but it helps open up your eyes and generally makes it look like you’ve made more of an effort. To avoid getting it all over your eyelids and in your eyebrows (trust me I’ve been there too), look down into a mirror, or alternatively, tilt your head back slightly whilst looking into a wall mirror.

5. Use The Same Eye Shadow For Your Eyebrows

For me, filling in my eyebrows really helps to pull my look together, and to save time, I like to use the same eye shadow to line my bottom lashes. I find that this makes my eyes look more prominent. If you don’t need to fill in your brows, just opt for a quick lining of the bottom lashes.


6. Use A Tinted Lip Balm

Make your lips look soft and luscious by using a tinted lip balm. Lips are always in need of being hydrated, especially on winter mornings, so why not use a tinted one to glam up your look and avoid having to apply a lipstick as well.

7. Avoid Using Heat For Your Hair

Skip the curlers or straighteners and freshen up your hair with some dry shampoo. You can also tame any frizz with some hair oil. Remember that your natural hair is beautiful, and right now showing it off is right on trend (as it should be all the time).

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8. Highlight Your Inner Eye

Applying a champagne coloured shimmery eye shadow onto your inner eye can brighten and give the effect that your eye is bigger. You can also use your finger to apply this – the ring finger is the best to use around your eye area as it is the most sensitive.

9. Use Your Time Efficiently

Using your time efficiently is extremely important early in the morning. Make your routine run smoother by applying your moisturizer and then brushing your teeth whilst it sets into your skin so you can apply your makeup straight away.

10. Powder Foundation

Often powder foundations are easier to apply in the morning than liquid ones are. Powder foundations that contain an applicator are especially efficient as you can quickly dab it all over your face. The coverage can be really good on powder foundations, and you don’t have to worry too much about blending!

Do you know of any other quick and easy beauty hacks to get read in the morning?! Share in the comments below!

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