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10 Signs You Were Spoiled Growing Up

10 Signs You Were Spoiled Growing Up

Ever wondered if you were spoiled growing up? Here are 10 signs that you were spoiled growing up.

Were you ever told by your friends “you are so spoiled?” You never believed it though. Most of us were probably spoiled from time to time but here are 10 signs that you were a spoiled child growing up.

1. You had tantrums when you didn’t get your own way

You were spoiled growing up if you would have tantrums when you didn’t get your own way. Whether it be in a supermarket when your parents said you were not allowed to get a toy, or you weren’t allowed to go with your friends.

2. You never spent your own money on things

Your parents would always give you pocket money, but you would never spend a dime of it. Your parents would pay for everything you asked for. You never had to worry about bringing your purse out because you knew your parents would pay. You would end up saving your pocket money.


3. Always got driven everywhere, did not use public transport

You never needed a bus pass! When everyone was taking the bus or train to school, you were getting dropped off by your parents. When your friends wanted to go out to the cinema your parents would drop you off and pick you up. You were never waiting in the cold because you just missed the bus.

10 Signs You Were Spoiled Growing Up

4. You were allowed to go wherever you wanted

You had freedom to go where you wanted. When you asked your parents if you could go out, they would always tell you “yes!” You were allowed to go out with your friends all of the time and you could go to all the birthday parties.


5. “No” was a word you did not like hearing

On the rare occasions you might have heard the word “no,” you did not like hearing it. It was as if you were allergic to the word. When you heard the word “no” you didn’t know how to react to it because it was an alien word to you. It was your least favourite word to hear from your family, friends or teachers since you were used to getting your own way.

6. You got everything on your birthday and Christmas wish list

Your birthday and Christmas were your favourite time of year. You would write a long list of all the presents you wanted, and you knew that you were going to get every single one of them. You parents bought you everything you ever wanted. You had loads of presents under your Christmas tree.

10 Signs You Were Spoiled Growing Up


7. You always had birthday parties

As well as getting loads of presents for your birthdays, you would have a birthday party every year. You never had a small family get together, you would have a massive party with all of your friends and family. You know you were spoiled if you had a birthday party every year growing up.

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8. You don’t do things for yourself, you get everything done for you

You were certainly spoiled if you never did anything for yourself. You had everything done for you. Your parents treated you like royalty.


10 Signs You Were Spoiled Growing Up

9. You didn’t have to cook your own dinner

Growing up spoiled, you never had to cook. You probably didn’t know how to cook because of the little time you spent in the kitchen. You had your meals cooked for you, all you had to do was wait at the dinner table.

10. You never did any house chores

You know you were spoiled when you never lifted a finger in your house. Whilst your friends were complaining about doing house chores, you couldn’t relate. You never had to wash the dishes, vacuum or cleaned the house.


We were all probably slightly spoiled to some extent. Comment down below if you agree you may have been spoiled growing up.

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