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The Tips And Tricks Of How To Motivate Yourself To Study

The Tips And Tricks Of How To Motivate Yourself To Study

If you're wondering how to motivate yourself to study, then these are the best ways to do it! It's not hard once you're in the groove of things - which is why you getting over the hump is the most important step!

Procrastination is the worst, you know you need to study but you just can’t seem to buckle down and get some studying done. There are tips and tricks on how to motivate yourself to study, and these are some of them!


Studying isn’t the most fun thing to do, so when revising and writing notes down try using bright colours to highlight and make diagrams with. This will help you with your engagement to your task and make things look more visually appealing, rather than writing everything in a black pen.


Sticky notes or post-it notes are great to use, you can write information you need to remember on them and stick them around the house. As you start to see the notes often, you’ll start to remember what’s written on them. It is a great way to remember vital bits of information. Make sure you organise your work space, this will help you when you’re studying.



Don’t spend all your time sitting down studying without taking a break. Every 45 mins take a 15 minute break and have a walk or just do something that you enjoy. This will help your concentration and aid you in coming back to your revision revitalised and with a fresh boost of energy.


This may seem a bit silly to you but there are statistics that show that if you drink water before an exam or before studying, you are more likely to end up with better grades. Water is good for your body and your brain. A vital fluid you should consume up to 8 times a day to be healthy and it helps with concentration.

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If you find it difficult to study alone, why not create a study group or join one. Studying with other people can be beneficial because you can share ideas and help each other in a variety of different ways. Having someone else to motivate you to study is also great when you can barely motivate yourself.


After setting yourself a goal to study for 3 hours each day, when completed treat yourself. It means you have something to look forward to after and a goal to work towards. This is a great way to motivate yourself. So study and then hit the city with your friends after.

Do you know how to motivate yourself to study now? Let us know in the comment section below!

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