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Why You’ll Never Regret Moving To Edinburgh

Why You’ll Never Regret Moving To Edinburgh

Moving to a new city can be exciting, yet also difficult, especially if you don't know anyone. But here's why you'll never regret moving to Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is such a huge multi-cultural city , with so many prospects and exciting opportunities. There is something new happening all the time, even as the seasons change all year. All year round the city is on the go, adapting with whats new, and on the agenda. So here are several reasons why you’ll never regret moving to Edinburgh.

1. The Fringe

Every August the fringe festival comes to Edinburgh. It’s full of various comedy shows and pop up tents, consisting of drinking spots or performance tents throughout. With all these attractions, there is the added culture from various individuals swarming to the capital every year.


2. Hive

This is a place in Edinburgh well known by not only locals, but of the new coming students as well. Everyone soon finds out that this club is the best place to go in Edinburgh for a wild night out. Well known for its cheesy music and good vibes with cheap drinks, there’s nothing to disappoint about this club, which is the centre of Edinburgh.

3. The Universities

With the prestige Universities of Edinburg such as Edinburgh University, Heriot Watt, Napier, and finally Queen Margaret, there is plenty of talent and intelligence lurking around. With Edinburgh being a university based city, there is the additional multicultural aspect and all around knowledge based centre in Edinburgh.


4. Princes Gardens/Street

The most beautiful gardens you’ll ever lay your eyes on. You’ll come to realise that Princes Street Gardens, with their easy access and amazing horticulture on display, is one of the main reasons you’ll never want to leave Edinburgh. There is no regret in appreciating the beauty of nature and, additionally, if you decide to hang around a while in the gardens, then why not sit on one of the various benches offered?

5. Portabello Beach

Such a charming place for the family or just a stroll, Portabello is a rare but beautiful sight. This seaside treat is one for all to enjoy no matter what the weather. There is so much to see and do that the time and effort you put into going here is worth the day out, and if you’re super brave then why not take a dip into the ocean and be wild for a change?!


6. The Shopping

Here there are shops to suit your every need, from the all round favour Primark to more classy and sophisticated shops like ‘The White Stuff’, there is something for everyone and their budget or taste. Edinburgh has shops galore so if anything you’ll be split for choice and with Kate night openings in the capital it makes the ease of shopping even more enjoyable. So next time you find yourself in town and its after 5, don’t worry Edinburgh has you covered.

7. The Castle

A historic monument and a huge part of the heart of Edinburgh. No matter where you stand in Edinburgh, it is always there, up high reminding you of what a wonderful city you chose to live in. Additionally, you’ll be in for a super treat if you ever venture out at night; the castle becomes lit up with colours galore showing the beauty and rarity of what this fantastic city has to offer.


8. Artisan Cheesecake

When dessert is life, and always on your mind, then there is the unmissable artesian cheesecake place located in Bruntsfield. With a warm welcome and plenty of flavours to choose from, it becomes a regular spot to grab some yummy cheesecake and enjoy the bliss that this unique place in Edinburgh has to offer. So check out all the variety of flavours and awesome treats on offer.


9. Making New Friends

This can be hard no matter where you go. However daunting any place may be, Edinburgh has one of the warmest welcomes, far better than anywhere else you have lived previously. You quickly come to realise that the people who surround you in this great city are more than happy to offer a helping hand or advice for when you’re unsure or need support. Life becomes more joyous and you wonder where this city has been your whole life. If anything Edinburgh deserves more credit.


10. Christmas Market

Once a year Edinburgh offers the greatest masterpiece of the year, not only to end the year, but bring in the new year with a fresh and positive start. With the ever joyous large wheel, which is an unmissable sight and must be braved, it overlooks everything from great heights and reminds you yearly why choosing to live here was the best choice ever. From the markets serving yummy food and warm mulled wine, to the Christmassy trinkets on sale, there’s something for everyone. It’s a treat worth waiting for every year and the excitement builds from the moment you see the ice rink being prepared, knowing full well it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

So there you have it; the greatest feeling of living in Edinburgh is knowing you can be part of something amazing and positive. As the seasons change you look forward to what Edinburgh has to offer and to the next best thing round the corner. Share why you loved moving to Edinburgh in the comments below!
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