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10 Hipster London Food Locations To Try

10 Hipster London Food Locations To Try

10 Hipster London Food Locations To Try

If you’re visiting London, and want a truly underground, edgy hispter experience. Or you’re a London resident and you’re just sick of the boring old chains, look no further. But beware these are hipster for a reason, and they may be a little bit wild for some. However at least you can say you’ve had the full London experience.

Here are my top 10 hipster food locations to – at least- try.

1. Box Park

Box Park, is essentially a bar and food court, on top of a selection of pop up shops below. Its a great place to drink and chill, but all that drinking is bound to work up a appetite. But don’t worry there are loads or unusual food places surrounding the bar and seating area. Food and drinks are a little pricey, but there’s good music and often a DJ set going on, so its definitely worth it.


2. Greenwich Market

Greenwich market often thrives in the summer, with a range of stalls or clothes, products, and little bits and bobs, you’ll never find in your local supermarket. If you go on the weekend though, there are many food stalls, which range drastically in cuisines. This selection of street foods, although small, are not at all disappointing.

3. Camden Market

Old stables, by the lock, turned market place, is a great place if you love vintage clothes and jewelry. Camden market has tonnes of clothing and shopping places as well as a massive range of food stalls. It would be impossible to not find something you like here, and to be honest you could probably fill yourself by going around and trying all of the free samples everyone is so ready to give out.

4. Temple Of Seitan

Although this place has a dark, demonic name. Its nothing of the sort! If you like fast food, this place is great, and is uniquely flavored with a range of sauces, and guess what.. its completely vegan! There are several locations, so they’ll probably be one near you no matter where you are in London, and is just a great meat free fast food restaurant. There’s usually a really long queue though, so be prepared to wait a moment, but don’t worry its worth it!


5. Kingly Court

Kingly court is located in the midst of Soho and is basically loads of food places in a circular area, with seats in the middle. There’s a variety of food places, ranging from ramen to pizza, and is not ridiculously over priced. There’s also many places to have a few drinks. Plus you’ll get to hang out in Soho. I’ts a great place to go after you’ve shopped your heart out or done the general touristy bits on Oxford Street.

6. Cereal Killer Cafe

If you’re not necessarily a morning person, but love breakfast meals this may be the perfect place for you. Its a cafe that sells a wide range of cereals and milks, only. This place is the epitome of hipster,but strives to give you the full cereal experience. There are even beds instead of chairs that you can sit in, and the cafe is designed like someones room – Its the little details that count! They have loads of different world wide cereals and also serve there own crafted cereal that you can buy a box of and take home. Its definitely worth a visit – if you’re prepared to spend a pretty penny for a fancy bowl of cereal!

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7. The Diner

The Diner is an american style restaurant, that has a few locations around London. It truly gives you the american food experience, sort of like a slightly more hipstery TGIF’s. They also have a wide range of vegan foods, like mac and cheeses and hot dogs and burgers, so no one is missing out, and lots of yummy milkshakes.

8. Rabot 1745

If you’re a massive chocolate enthusiast this is the place for you. At Rabot 1745 they’re obsessed with chocolate and implement a cocoa theme through their dishes. Most dishes are made with chocolate in mind, including cocktails. The theme is colonial st. Lucia and the vibe definitely travels throughout the restaurant. If you’ve got a little – cough – or a lot of extra cash, this is a great hipster place to check out.

9. Phungkay Vegan

Phung kay vegan is a Chinese style food restaurant that is completely vegan. It has a range of dishes and has a stylish vegan twist on tradition Chinese cuisine. Perfect hipster place if you’re looking for something delicious and different.


10. The Cheese Bar

If you are lactose intolerant, look away now! This bar is for the completely cheese obsessed. Everything in their menu contains cheese – except the drinks, and they offer a wide range of cheeses, including cheese fondues and  dipping bits. Although they specialize in cheese they don’t slack on their other items, and they’re carefully selected to match and complement the flavours of the other foods.

Visiting a cities hipster places is a great way to truly get to know a city. Tell us your favourite hipster locations in London in the comments below.

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