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Edinburgh’s Golden Paths: 6 City Walks You And Your Friends Can Do

Edinburgh’s Golden Paths: 6 City Walks You And Your Friends Can Do

Edinburgh's Golden Paths: 6 City Walks You And Your Friends Can Do

Edinburgh is an enigmatic city filled with rolling hills, plains of green grass, mini forests, hidden canals, and sleeping nature trails. There’s also a castle perched upon a rocky mount in the very centre of the city. Further still, Mother Nature has prized Edinburgh with some of the most beautiful city walks in Scotland.

Here’s 12 city walks we think you’d enjoy. When wandering these golden paths with friends you’ll struggle to believe you’re even in a city at all!

1. The legendary Arthur’s Seat

Prepare your walking shoes, picnic basket, and bottle of wine because this is a long one. But don’t let the challenge intimidate you! People run up it before they go to work after all, so you can definitely walk it in an afternoon. The panoramic view at the top will make your exhaustion worth while, and give you the perfect backdrop to your next Instagram post.


Arthur’s seat is paradisiacal in the evening as the sun goes down and there’s nothing more beautiful than Edinburgh in Golden Hour.


2. Calton Hill is the second best hill in Edinburgh

This is a good spot for sunsets and fireworks. Edinburgh is very fond of an avante garde fireworks show, taking any excuse to show of its beautiful walls. Calton hill is an easy incline you can walk in 15 minutes. Perch on the ruins for a super cool photo op’, or take your date to the top of the grassy mound for the most romantic first date ever.

3. The Dean Village transports you back in time

The Dean Village is a quaint oasis perched on the outskirts of Edinburgh’s West end. This mini marvel outages the majority of modern buildings surrounding it, so wander through auld streets paved with ancient cobbles, oggling the old red brick architecture as you pass. This modest village in the heart of the city is a perfect spot for a tranquil wander with your friends, taking photos by the water to bookmark your memories.


4. Portobello Beach promenade lights up at night

Take a stroll along the promenade of Edinburgh’s only attractive beach. The city is situated on the coast of the Firth of Fourth, boasting some beautiful seaside restaurants and views. Light a small fire on the beach in summer and you’ll forget you’re in freezing Scotland. These golden sandy paths are some of Edinburgh’s most beautiful city walks, perfect for sharing with friends.

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5. On Crammond Island the city seems a lifetime away

Cramond is a beautiful area of Edinburgh for a stroll at any time. With a bit of careful planning, you can walk out to Cramond Island when the tide is low, giving you an entirely unique perspective of the surrounding Scottish nature from a spot that’s normally doused in seawater.


6. The Royal Botanical Garden’s will keep you occupied for hours

The botanical gardens of Edinburgh have been around since 1670. Having grown limitlessly since then, the site now holds over 100,000 plants. We recommend you peruse the Rock Garden with its winding paths riding over a small rocky plain, coveting hundreds of gorgeous flowering plants between the cracks. If it rains, wander between amazonian plants in the humid rooms of Scotland’s most impressive green house, taking in the ornate designs of the glass windows as you go.


Where are your favorite spots in Edinburgh? Tell us in the comments!

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