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5 Back To School Outfits That Will Make Your Morning Routine That Much Easier

5 Back To School Outfits That Will Make Your Morning Routine That Much Easier

We’ve all been there, whether it is for school, college, or work, we’ve all had meltdowns over what to wear. Back to school especially can be stressful, with so much going on and so many other things to think about, you just want some quick and easy back to school outfits to throw on in the mornings.

There are five back to school outfits that you can’t ever go wrong with and are always an easy option for those mornings when you’re running behind or really just can’t be bothered. Check out our five best back to school outfits below – mix them up to suit your style and let us know in the comments which are your favourites!

1. Skinny Jeans and a Nice Top

This is one of the most popular back to school outfits for all and any occasions – okay maybe not at all, but definitely most. Jeans are so versatile, a pair of black and blue jeans will always be the best staples for your wardrobe as they can be paired with just about anything. Choose a pair of black jeans and a strappy, low neck top for a more dressed up look, or go for blue jeans and a floaty or floral top for a more casual, summery look.


2. Leggings and a Hoodie

For those days when you’re really just not feeling like getting out of bed, your favourite leggings and comfy hoodie are always an easy option. Black leggings and a grey hoodie with your favourite converse are a super easy back to school outfit. It takes two minutes to throw them on and you’re sure to be warm and comfortable all day long.

3. Patterned Skirt and a Plain Tee

There are so many beautiful and cheap patterned skirts about right now, be it checked, flowery, or polka dots, there are such a variety of patterns out there that you can throw on with a plain white or black t-shirt and you’ll instantly look effortlessly amazing. Grab yourself a few cute patterned skirts to make some easy back to school outfits. Skirts always look like you’ve made lots of effort whilst still being comfortable to wear and great for those hot, muggy days in school or college.


4. Cargo Trousers/Ripped Mom Jeans and Off the Shoulder Top

Cargo trousers and mom jeans are both so popular at the moment, and the best part about them is that they’re so comfortable – making them ideal for back to school outfits! As they’re baggy, they’re great when paired with a tight off the shoulder top or crop top. Add a belt to tie your waist in and instantly take the look to a whole new level whilst still being totally effortless.

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5. Oversized Baggy Tee and Cycle Shorts

Another comfy option for those days when you’d rather be at home watching Netflix or maybe an easy Monday morning look. Cycle shorts are so comfortable and not to mention cheap too! With an oversized baggy t-shirt, cycle shorts always look cool and feel really great on. Pair the look with some converse or Nike Air Force 1s to keep it really cool and comfortable.

So, whether you’re someone who likes to keep it comfy and casual, or whether you prefer to dress up a little more, hopefully at least one of these five back to school outfits will help make your school morning routine just that little bit easier!


Which back to school outfits are your favourites? Tell us in the comments!

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