My Experience Working In A Hedonistic, Ibizian-Themed Nightclub In Manchester

My Experience Working In A Hedonistic, Ibizian-Themed Nightclub in Manchester
Last year, between the two summers I’ve spent working in Ibiza, I decided to move to Manchester in the United Kingdom. Once there, I was gifted the opportunity to work at the new, up-and-coming nightclub Lazy Lizard Ibizan Beach Lounge. The first of it’s kind, bringing Ibiza to Manchester was a brand new concept and the fundamentals of the club made it a unique and exhilarating place in which to work.

New Opening in Manchester City Centre

Leaving Ibiza at the very beginning of November 2017, after five and a half months working on the white isle, was a bittersweet ending to my 3rd summer abroad. Having completed my degree in the previous months, I found myself with no specific plans on what was next for me, just that I wanted to make a new start – somewhere I’d never been before. While I stayed briefly in London after flying into Gatwick Airport, I decided to make an impromptu trip to Manchester. I’d been inspired to consider moving to one of the two cities while I was in Spain. It made sense to visit the city then the very first time.
My Experience Working in a Hedonistic, Ibizan-Themed Nightclub In Manchester
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From Ibiza to Manchester

While staying in Manchester I heard about the new opening and job vacancies for VIP Hosts. The nightclub promised the hedonistic, recreational and exclusive aesthetics that only an Ibizan lounge can offer. The music venue predominantly aimed to represent these themes; in addition to providing the perfect atmosphere for cocktails on an early Thursday evening to exclusively setting the scene for Saturday night partying with internationally famous house resident DJs, the nightclub’s expectations were diverse and unique.

After doing promotional work – and actually moving to Manchester permanently – the much anticipated, high-profile opening night was set for December 2017. The night was headlined by Erick Morillo and made for an exceptional night for club promoters, staff and the newly arriving customers. I even recognized many of the party-goers that had come from different parts of the north-west from when I was working in Ibiza!

My Experience Working in a Hedonistic, Ibizan-Themed Nightclub In Manchester

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Ibizan Anthems

Succeeding the opening night, Lazy Lizard went on to be the number one venue in Manchester for house music and the line up has included acts such as The Mambo Brothers, Retro, the Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Pete Gooding, Klangkarussel, Hedkandi, Bitch, Lovely Laura, Ben Santiago and Kenny Dope (Cafe Mambo). Likewise, the venue has attracted celebrities like Joey Essex, Paddy McGuiness and the British soap Coronation Street’s stars Katie McGlynn and Tisha Merry.

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From setting up the bars for the very first time and the initial club promoting in the city centre to watching the nightclub evolve into it’s nationally known reputation, being a part of Lazy Lizard for just over six months will always stand out as my first memory of living in Manchester. Experiencing global, world-class DJs and brands first-hand and being employed in a hedonistic, carefree environment was an unforgettable experience. Both the clientele and the wider public regarded Lazy Lizard as a venue that was exactly what Manchester needed.

My Experience Working in a Hedonistic, Ibizan-Themed Nightclub In Manchester

The Sense Of An Ending

I left Manchester in June 2018 to fly back to Ibiza for another summer. I’d made many amazing friendships and gained some invaluable experiences in the city. Yet, while I was sad to leave, I felt that it was time for me to move on.
Unfortunately, Lazy Lizard announced that it was closing due to refurbishment at the end of last year. Many are hoping that it reopens in the future. What are your experiences on Manchester nightlife? Let us know in the comments!
Feature Image Source: Photo by DIAO DARIUS on Unsplash
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