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5 Best Student Bars To Try in Glasgow

5 Best Student Bars To Try in Glasgow

If you're visiting, studying or living in Glasgow and are a student, these are the fivestudent bars you need to try. They are some of the best in the city!

Glasgow is said to have some of the best student bars in any city. Just as much character as Dublin, as edgy as Manchester and way cheaper than London, Glasgow is a fantastic place to live and study at university. If you’re a student or just a young person visiting Glasgow – or if, like me, you have lived here all your life – and are not sure which bars are best to go to, look no further than here!

1. Flat 0/1

In the heart of the city centre, Flat 0/1 is a bar like no other. It prides itself on its laid-back vibe to make students feel welcome, relaxed and at home. It’s literally designed to look like a student flat: comfortable sofas, fireplaces, coffee tables and shabby chic lamps. The kitschy 70s design of the ‘flat’ is ironically cool, and you can have a ‘bevy’ and chat in an informal atmosphere while some of  Glasgow’s finest DJs pump out the tunes at this ‘gaff’. The best thing about Flat 0/1 is how unpretentious it is. As a student, you’ll never feel intimidated coming here – and the prices are just as unpretentious!

2. Vodka Wodka

Located on Ashton Lane, just a stone’s throw from Glasgow University, Vodka Wodka is usually buzzing with students on Monday to Thursday nights. That’s because their cocktails are £3.50 – yep, you read that right! Their classic cosmopolitan is to die for, but if you fancy trying something a little more unique, the Bee’s Baws – honey vodka, orange, lemon and sugar – is so refreshing after a long day of studying and working hard. There’s a selection of Italian-inspired light bites to try on their food menu too, as you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach! The bar also has a beer garden in the back, which is the perfect place for that late afternoon sun to hit after classes. And by the time you’re heading home, Ashton Lane will be lit up by the adorable fairy lights that hang above.


3. Nice ‘n’ Sleazy

Affectionately known as Sleazy’s, this bar is practically designed for students in Glasgow, particularly those into their music as there are constant gigs and shows. Be warned: the music is niche. But if you’re into rock, grunge and metal, this is for you. Downstairs is the club area, while upstairs is dark, grungy and has poster-adorned walls where some graffiti their own name as they chill in the booths. The drinks prices are very reasonable for a student budget, and the bar is across the road from the Garage nightclub as well as the O2 ABC, where more gigs and club nights are happening.

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4. The Record Factory

A vast selection of snack foods, reasonably priced cocktails, a beer garden – this dive bar, influenced by those of New York City, has everything a student bar needs. The Record Factory is nestled deep among the vintage shops of Glasgow’s West End so it’s no wonder why it’s so popular with trendy students. The bar is best to visit on one of its theme nights – they’ve celebrated artists such as Fleetwood Mac, the Stone Roses and the Specials. During the day they play Rat Pack and Big Band classics, and every month there’s an indie night. DJs play a selection of funk, rock and soul on weekend nights, so whatever you fancy music-wise, the Record Factory has it covered.


5. Firewater

Firewater used to be that dingy bar that everyone went to when they were skint – but it’s recently had a revamp and is now back in the running as one of Glasgow’s best student bars. There’s a brand new shot bar in addition to the main bar, and after 10pm, a new section opens called Casbah Nights, decorated with dimly lit Moroccan lamps and plush leather couches. Depending on what student night you go, the music ranges from disco to pop, rock and roll to indie. They also show football games, which you can enjoy on a huge projector with an impressive selection of comfort food like loaded fries and pizzas. One thing has never changed about Firewater – a spirit mixer costs only 90p. Students sold.

These are the best five student bars to try in Glasgow if you want the full student experience in one of the best cities. Have you tried any of these bars? Feel free to comment!

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