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10 Websites That Will Make Decorating Your Uni Room That Much Better

10 Websites That Will Make Decorating Your Uni Room That Much Better

By now I’m sure you’ll all be well and truly settled into the pace of university assignments and social nights. Although if you feel as though there is something not quite adding up, it could be that your room in halls just doesn’t feel like your own just yet. To be honest, I think it took me till Christmas last year until I felt like my room was actually mine. Below you’ll find a list of 10 websites that will help you to decorate your room to make it really start to feel like home.

1. Keeping things within your student budget

If you love using things like washi tape to decorate your room, check out this article from!


2. Arts and Craft session anyone?

Sometimes, adding some greenery to your room gives it that perfect little touch. Check out these awesome ideas in the Buzzfeed article!

3. Inspiration board for the girls…

We all know that Pinterest is the ultimate spot for the best inspiration boards!

4. …And for the guys

If you’re a guy, you can find tons of brilliant ideas for making your uni dorm room like home on Pinterest!


5. Quick and easy

This blog has some of the easiest ways to make your room the way you want it to be!

6. Cute creativity

If dull is your problem, you can really brighten up and give your uni dorm life with tips from Cosmo!

7. No need to worry about that student budget

It can be something so small as adding fuzzy pillows or a fuzzy throw blanket that can instantly make your room nice and cozy! Check out these hacks from My Student Halls!

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8. Unique ideas for a cheap price

If you like to have a lot of people in your uni room, you can do some really easy things to make them feel more comfortable and also provide seating. Find out how from this article!

9. A bit more DIY

These DIYs are the only things you need to really complete your uni room!


10. A few handy hints

Your pictures are the easiest way to add a magical touch to your uni room or flat!

Do you have any other useful sites for decorating your uni room!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: pinterest