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10 Lush Products For Ultimate Self-Care That You Need Right Now

10 Lush Products For Ultimate Self-Care That You Need Right Now

These are the best of the best Lush products that we are absolutely loving for healthy and glowing skin. Your skincare regimen is about to get better.

With many products being packaging free – referred to as ‘Naked Packaging’ – and the company promoting a strict ‘Fighting Animal Testing’ policy, it’s no wonder Lush’s products are so irresistible to the self-care loving individual. Don’t be fooled from the outside, Lush is about more than just a bath bomb store, representing an opposition to unethically produced cosmetic products with an unnatural source – and there is oh so much to choose from! To help you out, I’ve compiled together a list of the 10 Lush products which should be used for ultimate self care.

1. The Shampoo Bar

I recently purchased by first shampoo bar, and as someone who has always suffered from psoriasis I was anxious about making the change from my usual ‘safe’ shampoos. I was recommended ‘Soak and Float’ shampoo bar, which contains Cade Oil and Rose Marigold Petals to calm and soothe a sensitive scalp – I couldn’t recommend it more! The shampoo bar comes in many other flavours too, and it definitely lasts longer than a shampoo bottle!

2. The Massage Bar

The Lush massage bar range has something for everyone, for example: the Shimmy Shimmy ‘for skin that shines’; the Wiccy Magic Muscles for ‘aches and pains, begone!’; and the Therapy ‘because everyone needs a little sometimes’. These are just a few of the collection, and the bars even come in a great little tin which keeps them clean and fresh!


3. The Body Conditioner

Lush’s fruity rose scented ‘Ro’s Argan’ body conditioner is guaranteed to leave your body feeling supremely soft and smelling like vanilla fragranced roses. Ingredients include Cocoa, Shea, and Cupuacu butters (similar to Cacao), along with Brazil Nut, Almond and Argon Oils. If you’re after deep moisturising without a greasy feel, this is the product for you! This is one of the best of the best Lush products.

4. The Face Mask

Ah, the face mask. Lush have long been praised for their natural ingredient based fresh face masks, which often smell so good you could eat them. The best way to find the perfect face mask for you is to look on the website or go in store and try to match which one would suit your personal skin type. Each face mask offers a different effect, e.g. brightening, redness reducing, relaxing, moisturising, cleansing, stimulating…the list goes on!

5. The Body Spray

As well as smelling blissful, a lot of the Lush body sprays have really beneficial effects too, for example ‘Twilight’, which is certain to provide you with a “lavender lullaby”, helping you to relax and sleep soundly. My personal favourite is ‘The Olive Branch’ – “effortless, breezy and versatile”, what’s not to love?!


6. The Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are an old-school but timeless favourite – who doesn’t love a good soak every once in a while? And, believe me, there is a bath bomb for everyone! Why not try ‘Sex Bomb’ for an “aphrodisiac jasmine soak”, or ‘The Big Sleep’ for “calming woodsy lavender”, or finally ‘Turtle’, for “uplift mind, body and soul”. This is one of the best of the best Lush products.

7. The Scalp Treatment

Lush know that the key to shiny healthy hair is at the roots, and their scalp treatment products provide exactly that. ‘Roots’ will leave your scalp tingling and soothed from a combined infusion of Fresh Mint, Peppermint and Spearmint. One of the key ingredients, Neroli, paired with Grapefruit will help your hair to become effortlessly shiny and vibrant.

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8. The Hand Scrub

We often forget about our hands, but you don’t need to suffer from tough skin to deserve the effects of this exquisite lush treatment. ‘Salted Coconut’ hand scrub is a creamy coconut and sea salt exfoliator described as “the perfect way to keep your paws in perfect condition”. The Coconut Oil will deeply hydrate your hands without leaving them sticky! This is one of the best of the best Lush products.

9. The Shower Gel

Never underestimate the power of a shower gel, and with the naturally rich ingredients offered by Lush products they are definitely worth the investment! My personal favourite is ‘It’s Raining Men (Hallelujah)’, consisting of Fresh Honey, Lotus Flower, Rosehip and Brazilian Orange Oil, to name a few! The soothing scent will get you off to a dreamy start in the mornings.

10. The Lip Balm

For seductively soft lips, Lush have some of the best lip care treatments going! Try ‘Lip Service’, “serving up a matte finish which protects lips against the elements”. The fresh ingredients will leave your mouth watering after application, featuring Fair Trade Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil and Beeswax. This is one of the best of the best Lush products.