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5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

Wanting to spice up your technology this year and keep things fresh? Now more than ever you can find cute ways to accessorise your laptop, headphones, phone, and other bits of technology with pieces all over Amazon and shops like Primark and Urban Outfitters.

Out of all the ones out there, these are the five trendy tech accessories we need right now, whether it’s for uni life or the transition to a professional workplace.

1. Leather Cord Keepers

Between headphones, phone chargers, and computer chargers, it’s easy for cords to get tangled and even broken in your bag. Not only are these leather cord keepers practical and will save you money in the long run by protecting your cords, but they’re also professional and trendy to pull out of your bag at work or uni.

They’re available on Amazon and Etsy for £5-15 and come in a number of different colours and sizes so you can keep everything in your bag organised and protected.

5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

2. Retro Bluetooth Speaker

There are so many Bluetooth speakers out there nowadays, so why not spice it up and go for something that looks trendier like these retro Bluetooth speakers? Their appearance almost disguises their practicalities because they look more like a vintage trinket than a functioning speaker, and it’ll be a cute piece of decor in your room or house.

You can find these on Amazon in a variety of prices and colours, and they are said to function just as well as a normal Bluetooth speaker.

5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

3. Colour Block Portable Charger

For those who travel often and can usually be found using a portable charger, it’s a great idea to find an attractive portable charger if it’s always connected to your phone. These colour block portable chargers are simple yet stand out from the usual crowd, and you’ll be sure that your charger isn’t getting misplaced for someone else’s.

This particular charger is the Back Me Up mobile charger and is also available in a number of different patterns if you’re not crazy about the colour block. You can find these with a quick Google search from a number of different stores online.

5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

4. Marble Laptop Case

Laptop cases have gone through a lot of trends over the years, most recently with infinite stickers covering the exterior. However, especially if you’re about to enter the workplace and wanting to appear more professional to your co-workers, a marble laptop case is the perfect way to be trendy and classy.

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These come as large stickers you can stick onto the outside of your laptop and they’re easy to remove without damage. It’ll almost appear as if you ordered a laptop specifically with a marble exterior because of how sleek it is!

5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

5. USB Tassel Keychain

How often have you been out somewhere with a dying phone and no charger? If you’re carrying around this USB tassel keychain, you won’t even think about bringing a phone charger with you wherever you go yet you’ll always be in luck when you need it, not to mention being that friend who always carries a phone charger with them and saves the day.

These are inconspicuous due to how they fit in with the rest of the tassels, and they’re available in most stores for the same price as a normal phone charger, yet with double the function as they’re perfect to fit on your car keys or a school lanyard.

5 Cutest Tech Accessories We Want RN

Which of these tech accessories are your personal favourites? What other cute tech accessories do you already own and love? Let us know in the comments below.

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