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10 Helpful Apps You Need When Living In London

10 Helpful Apps You Need When Living In London

In search of some helpful apps to help you get around London? These London city apps work great at directing you around the city. In addition, a majority of them are free too!

Is it your first time in London? Are you moving to London for your studies? Well I hope this article saves you some time with all the suggestions! These are 10 helpful apps you need when living in London for a comfortable and easier living. These helpful apps really came in handy when I first moved to London, and yes I still use them! Have a look!


Citymapper the most important app for you. You will never get lost in this massive city ever again! You just type in where you want to go and then the app, depending on your location, will give you so many options of transportation. Do you want to take the tube? Here are 5 tube options for you, from quickest to slowest. Bus? 5 bus options. Walking? Even better! You get directions everywhere. You have to download this app in order to survive here.


This is your taxi. Black cabs in London are fire girl. If you have money to spend, good for you but for the rest of the commoners Uber is your option. Simply, you order a taxi and it takes you straight to your location. Also, you get to see the price of the trip first before requesting for an Uber.



TubeMap is a really simple and straightforward app. Once you open it, London’s tube map appears. Even without wi-fi the tube map appears. There is also a search bar in case you’re looking for a particular tube station.

Tube Exits

TubeExits is sooo helpful!! You can save so much time in the tube. You can see where you have to stand on the platform in order to get out straight out your exit. Also, when trying to come out of the tube you can now find the easiest way out instead of going the long way the signs instruct. Time to be rebellious!

TfL Oyster app.

If you are using your Oyster card instead of Pay as you Go then this is one of the best helpful apps for you! It’s a new app so there is not much to do. However, You can see how much money you have on your Oyster card, your travelcard in case you’ve forgotten when you purchased it and need to renew it, and your past journeys. In other words, instead of going to the tube station to check what’s going on with your card, you now have the app to check!


Hidden London

This is the perfect app if you are excited by adventure! Basically, you get to discover hidden places in London! Forget about the mainstream sites you’ve seen countless times! It’s time to look for hidden places! Go download it guys!

Visit London

If you’re ever bored and have nothing to do – yes, we all have those days – then check out this app. It has loads of events, places to see, things to do. It is packed with so many ideas, and you get to experience London like a Londoner! It’s free too!

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BBC Weather

Trust me, you need this app. You never know when it might rain and this app is pretty accurate in predicting the day’s weather. It’s really accurate with temperatures as well.


Deliveroo is my favourite app at the moment because it delivers my food straight at my house from my favourite restaurants! So convenient and easy to use! I strongly recommend it!!!


One of my new year’s resolutions last year was to save money and actually write down where I spend my money. In other words, actually see and understand where I was spending my money. This app is the best for managing your money! You just have to remember to write it in the app whenever you use money or earn money. You can also categorise your expenses like ‘groceries’ or ‘shopping’ or ‘gifts’, and then each month you can see where you spent your money, how much did you spent overall and how much you earned. I can’t recommend this app enough for anyone living in London. It’s expensive living here, so if you want to be more in control of our finances then check out this app.


What other helpful apps are you using around London? Let us know in the comments below!

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