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6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

Glitter, glitter glitter! If there’s only one trend you use this summer then make sure it’s this one! Glitter eyeshadows are the perfect way to incorporate this trend into your everyday look and still look fabulous! Nothing says summer like adding some sparkle to your face so don’t be afraid to be fearless and bold this summer with a glitter shadow that you will rock!

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons

This whole palette is amazing for summertime! With its bright colours and heart-shaped eyeshadow pots it just screams summer. From this palette though, its plum, sparkly colour is the best option. The shade is called Black currant and is one of the sexiest glitter eyeshadows on the list. It’s a really pretty colour that will liven up any makeup look you go for.

It’s a very warm colour so you could team it with a nude lip and just a touch of mascara for a classy but sexy look. This colour will be nice during the day at a BBQ or if you are going out for dinner in the evening. It’s easy to blend in for a soft pastel vibe or you can smoke it out for a more dramatic effect. For a long-lasting colour that makes your eyes really pop, add this one to your collection!

6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

2. Urban Decay Naked

Of course, the Naked palette is so iconic now for what it did for the world of nude-toned eyeshadow colours but Sidecar is our go-to from this palette! It is a bronze/gold shade that has a silver-based glitter mixed through it to give your eyes the ultimate shimmer!

This colour can be used to create a rose gold appearance that goes hand in hand with the summer season. It’s another warm colour and will give your eyes a sun-kissed glow. It’s super blendable and it’s so pretty that you don’t need to mix with any other shade if you don’t want to. This will give you that perfect frosted summer shine.

6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

3. Revolution Eye Glisten

At the budget end of the price scale but not to be dismissed, are the glitter eyeshadows from Revolution. They have a few different colours that are all gorgeous but we recommend Yours Truly. The pink and gold tones in it are very pretty and will give you some extra flare. This dual-ended liquid eyeshadow stick is easy to apply and comes with two different shades.

Then flip the tube over and add on the mess-free glitter gel. You don’t need any glue so you can build up the glitter on top of the shimmery eyeshadow base. This product is really handy with its flexible, flocked wands and is portable so you can take it with you no matter where you go to keep your eyes sparkling all summer!

6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

4. Kylie Jenner Chill Baby

Kylie recently restocked this on her site so get it while you can! Now despite it initially being released as part of her winter collection, some of the colours in this palette are too hard to resist this summer. So despite its name, Pray For Snow is the most eye-catching colour for you to use this season. It is a beautiful metallic copper shade that can be built up to give you a sexy bronze shimmer. Team this with a nice contour and light brown lip to add glamour. Line a little of it under your bottom water line to dramatise your eyes for a bold summer look.

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6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

5. NYX Glitter Goals

Their professional makeup liquid eyeshadow is the ideal finishing touch to make sure you’re serving looks in the heat. Retrograde is a particularly fearless choice for those of you that want vibrant, playful vibes. This blue colour will turn heads wherever you go and help you make a real statement this summer! It’s lightweight so it won’t weigh down your eyes and it can be worn alone or built up over another eyeshadow for extra glitz!

6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

6. PHOERA Charm Red Glitter Shimmer

Rose is a glorious red, metallic shade that will help you deliver a hot and sexy look! This hue is killer and will show everyone who’s boss this summer. This is definitely the boldest colour on the list of glitter eyeshadows but can look fabulous if blended out for a wild, extra look! It would go really nice with a midi skirt and some wedge sandals for a garden party or to wear with your little black dress for a night out on the town! The great thing with glitter eyeshadows is they’re so versatile and with this one, you can really play around with it and have fun.

6 Glitter Eyeshadows To Sparkle In This Summer

Do you agree with our glitter eyeshadows or do you have your own ones you would add to the list? Leave a comment! 

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