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How To Save Money By Getting A Chromebook For Students

How To Save Money By Getting A Chromebook For Students

We all know that a laptop is essential when it comes to your list of things to get for Uni. However, by getting a Chromebook for students your budget might be a little better off. Check our these reasons why we think Chromebooks are essential!

As a student you will want to get yourself a laptop for multiple reasons, the first for being able to access your student dashboard on a bigger screen than your phone. Second, you’ve got to keep those essays and research papers somewhere! Here’s why a Chromebook for students isn’t such a bad idea.

Instead of buying the go to laptop such as a Macbook why not save yourself some money?

Instead of running out of storage in your cloud on an Apple device (the worst), the Chromebook literally has nothing on it’s system due to everything running in the google cloud. In fact, the first two years with your Chromebook google gives you 100G of storage absolutely free! The storage size of the laptop itself is 32G. Also you get Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and much more on the ChromeBook without you having to pay a penny extra. I know, I didn’t realize the Chromebook came with all those extra programs either.



Chromebook are designed for people who spend the majority of their time online, surfing the web.

So whether you’re binge watching your favourite TV series or researching for a paper that needs handing in, this is a cheaper alternative to the MacBook which will set you back £700+ whereas the Chromebook you can get for £200.

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It also comes with it’s own anti-virus software so you can be sure of security. Furthermore, it updates itself automatically so you don’t need to be worried about pop ups that are going to pester you to update constantly. It’s lightweight and compact just like your apple device, so very portable. I mean, what else can you ask for?


I don’t know about you, but my uni laptop is dedicated towards Netflix, unnecessary YouTube videos, and some papers. Unless you’re a math or tech major, there’s no need to not own a Chromebook!

What do you think about getting a Chromebook for students? Let us know in the comment section below!

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