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What To Do If You Find Yourself On A Really Bad Date

What To Do If You Find Yourself On A Really Bad Date

Here is what to do if you find yourself stuck on a really bad date. This is how you can deal with it without someone's feelings getting hurt.

We all love dating, and first dates can be a super fun way to get to know someone new and potentially start a relationship. However, if you’re on a bad date, this can be a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation for you. Here’s what to do if you’re on a bad date.

What To Do If You Find Yourself On A Really Bad Date

1. Trust Your Gut

It doesn’t matter if the guy seems super nice, charming and an all-round great person on paper, if you meet them and something seems off about them, trust your gut. You may feel like you’re being rude for judging someone, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and let’s be real, you’ll never be in a happy relationship with someone if they constantly make you uneasy anyway.


2. Have A Get Out Plan

If things are going south rapidly and you feel like you need to escape, but feel uncomfortable or unsafe cutting the date short, have a get out plan ready. A good way to do this is to set up a code word with your friend which, if you send it to them, means ‘call me in 10 mins with an emergency’. A code word is best as it means you can excuse yourself to the bathroom and quickly text your friend without arousing suspicion from your date. If no one can call you, get them to text you. Some good examples of emergencies are:

  • A friend or family member having an accident
  • A friend being broken up with
  • A friend being locked out of their house and needing to come to yours
  • An emergency at work
  • A pet being sick or having to go to the vet

Your emergency should be something that no reasonable person could argue with. If your date does try an argue, this gives you an excuse to be standoffish and leave quicker.

3. Have Excuses Ready, And Be Firm

If your date is bad as they keep making insinuations about you ‘going back to their place’, or you believe they are trying to get you drunk, have some excuses ready, and don’t back down from them. Some excuses include:

  • ‘I don’t drink during the week’
  • ‘I have a hangover’
  • ‘I don’t feel like drinking’
  • ‘I’m seeing a friend tonight’
  • ‘I have to be up early tomorrow’
  • ‘I don’t do that’

If your date gets aggressive, or doesn’t listen to you, then have your get out plan, or of you are afraid for your safety, have them come get you.

What To Do If You Find Yourself On A Really Bad Date

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4. Have A Friend Nearby

Another thing that can help you get out of a bad date is if you have a friend nearby who can come crash your date if needs be. Have a codeword that you can text them if you need to do this. This can be a good way of getting out of a date as your friend gets to play the bumbling best friend who has no idea what she is doing, and it means the tension for ending the date isn’t on you.

5. Talk To A Staff Member

If you are unable to contact a friend, and are in a position to do so, talk to a staff member and ask them if they would be able to help you, for example by calling a taxi and helping you leave the restaurant. Excuse yourself to the bathroom, and if you can easily do so, either pull and staff member aside to talk to them, or go to the bar and speak to a bartender.

6. Attempt To End The Date Yourself

If you feel able to, tell the person you’re on a date with that you’re not feeling the spark, or any other non-insulting reason why the date isn’t working out. If you don’t think you;re able to do this, you could attempt to sabotage the date by doing something that will make your date uncomfortable and want to leave, e.g. talking about your ex or crying. Sabotaging your date may not necessarily work, however, so I advise you to try one of the other methods of getting out of a bad date in this article, unless you feel there is no other way to get out the date.


What To Do If You Find Yourself On A Really Bad Date

What are your best tips for getting out of a bad date? Let us know in the comments!

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