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10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Your First College Party

10 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Your First College Party

In college, you’ll get to meet so many types of people, but only when you’re at a college part will you really see the crazy amount of different people and what type they are.

Obviously, nobody fits into one category but there are a few types you can recognize, maybe they aren’t only that type but they definitely check the boxes for it.

It’s not a bad thing to be a type and when at college you’ll definitely feel part of one group more than another. So here are 10 types of people I have encountered at a college party.


1. The Couple

These are the types of people that at a college party are all over each other, making out, dancing and by the end of the night grinding on each other. You will most likely never see them separated and you’ll definitely see a make-out session you didn’t need to see. They’ll also constantly have someone take a picture of them because they are usually “That” couple.

2. The Lads Girl

This another common one, you have the girl that is friends with all the lads. It’s usually platonic and non-sexual love between all of them, except one but they won’t admit to it. She’ll be drinking as much as the boys and will be the first one to want to play beer pong or rage cage. She’s funny and bubbly and definitely does not care what other people think.


3. The Art Student

Now, these type of people can be hard to spot at a college party unless they were just at a protest for animals or human rights. Yeah, you know it, the art students. You recognize them by their outfits and they usually always have a camera on them. Don’t start political debates with them or you won’t come out of the party alive. They’re very fun but can also be very deep and emotional.


4. The Instagrammer

Right, we all know about the “Instagrammer,” these types of people are usually the most stylish people of the college party and are getting photographed every two seconds at different locations. Firstly to show off their outfits duh, and secondly, because they need to show they’re at the party, another duh. They usually are the mot know people at the college party and have a very high following on Instagram.

5. The Sorority Sisters

Sorority sisters are a type we all have encountered once in our lives. They usually come in groups and have their sorority name somewhere on them or they’ll tell you immediately. They are either the loud party people or vice versa the posher and dressed up at the college party, depends on their sorority. Just watch yourself, they will try to talk you into being part of their group.


6. Frat Boys

These are the usual college party types. They are louder and rowdier people. They’re there for the fun and to get drunk. They are professional chatters as well as beer pong champions so beware of any dares, they most likely will out win you. 


7. The Drunk

Right, this is another type of person you will see at a college party. They are usually drunk as hell, dancing their feet away and look ridiculous but are too far gone to notice. All you can do is give props to these type of people because you know they’ll make their class the next morning even if they guzzled at least eight bottles of Coronas.

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8. The Alternative

This is another type that is not easy to spot. The alternative at a college party is rarely present and if they are it’s because their mate forced them to come out. They usually are the hikers, the journal writers, the article writers or even the philosophy students. They can start up a very deep conversation and usually won’t be drinking much. Unless they brought their own house-made lager.

9. The Professional Nappers

The professional nappers are also a very rare and hard to find type at a college party unless you go browsing the house. These are the types that fell asleep in a bath, a bed or even on the couch at the college party. They most likely will not make their class because they will still be sleeping, but that’s part of college life. They usually haven’t drunk much but whatever they did drink hit them heavy.


10. The Ravers

Lastly, you have the ravers. These are the type of people that live their life by going out so often. They will be at every festival and rave ready to party. So they most definitely will be at every college party ready to show their raving skills.

They have a very high alcohol tolerance and will have someone lift them on their shoulders at some point during the night. Watch yourself, they will talk and show you pictures of every festival and rave they’ve been too.


These are just a few types of people you’ll meet at a college party. A college party is where you’ll get to see such a diverse amount of type of people because this is where they’ll let loose and not care about opinions. Leave a comment if you have other types of college party people!

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