10 Tips On Helping You Get Through Your First Date Smoothly

10 Tips On Helping You Get Through Your First Date Smoothly

We all dread going on that first date. We get the nervous butterflies in our stomach. Will they like me? What do I wear? Will it be awkward? What do we talk about? What if we have nothing in common? What if I get stood up? All of these questions are going around and around in our heads. Well, worry not! It’s time to stop stressing. Here are 10 tips on helping you get through your first date smoothly!

1. Smile

Sitting there with a frown on your face is not ideal or attractive to look at, and quite frankly is very off-putting and rude! You want to show your date you’re happy, and want to get to know them! So, don’t forget to keep smiling, it’s attractive and it shows your date you actually want to be there!

10 Tips On Helping You Get Through Your First Date Smoothly

2. Don’t Talk About Your Ex

One thing your date never wants to hear about (unless they ask) is your ex, especially on the first date. If you spend the whole duration of your date talking about your ex, it creates an awkward atmosphere, and maybe you aren’t over them as much as you think you are. Spend the date finding out things you want to get to know about your date, and what things you both have in common! Think towards the future, not the past.

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3. Don’t Come Across As Too Forward

Coming across as too forward is a definite no no! It just gives off the impression that you are desperate, which is very off-putting on a first date for someone who is looking for a long term relationship! Just be natural, be yourself and what is meant to be will be. If it works, it works, if not, they’ll be other dates!

4. Save Your Gassy Outbursts Until You Get Home

Well. The headline speaks for itself. It’s rude and shows you have no manners, especially for a first date! Imagine what you would think if it was the other way around!

5. Keep The Conversation Flowing

As long as the conversation is flowing, you won’t have to deal with any awkward silences, and there’s nothing more awkward than an awkward silence! Talk about what you’re interested in, but make sure they can get a word in too, otherwise they will think you’re not interested in wanting to know anything about them! Make sure it’s a joint conversation and not just one sided.

10 Tips On Helping You Get Through Your First Date Smoothly

6. Be Polite

Always say please and thank you! Little words that go a long way! And if your date pays for the bill, you NEED to remember to thank them! It’s your first date, you want to impress by showing you’re polite!

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7. Look Your Date In The Eye

Looking your date in the eye lets them know you’re interested and keen to get to know them more! There’s nothing worse than trying to talk to someone on a first date who is constantly looking away or down at the floor. Use positive body language and all will be fine.

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10 Tips On Helping You Get Through Your First Date Smoothly

8. Dress Appropriately

Make sure your outfit fits the type of first date you’re going on. There’s no point in turning up all glammed up wearing 7 inch heels if you’re going on a walk around the park. You might be keen to impress, but that is not the way, save your glam for another day!

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9. Make Sure You Smell Nice

Being clean and fresh for your first date is a definite must! Make sure you have a shower so you’re all clean and refreshed and smell amazing! Don’t forget to put on that deodorant and have a little spray! We don’t want to be smelling of BO now do we!

10 Tips On Helping You Get Through Your First Date Smoothly

10. Take Breath Mints!

There’s nothing worse than smelly breath! Make sure you clean your teeth before you leave for your date and take breath mints to keep on top of it! Especially if you’re going out for food!

Got any more first date top tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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