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Awesome Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Brighton This Summer

Awesome Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Brighton This Summer

Beer and Sun: you can't go wrong. Let this list of Awesome Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Brighton be the guide for your summer plans.

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Summer is fast approaching (yay) and honestly, it’s about time. Everything is better, happier and brighter in the summer and I’m all for it.

Brighton (being the haven of pubs and beer gardens) offers endless opportunities for a boozy afternoon in the sun with your friends. It really is the best place to be during the summer months. Seriously. Everywhere you turn there is a pub, and if there isn’t a pub, it’s a bar, and if not a bar it’s a patch of grass populated with broke students soaking up the sun with a cider in hand.

You don’t want to miss a moment of sun or waste any possible chilled afternoon with your friends, so let me present you with Awesome Outdoor Bars (you have) To Check Out In Brighton This Summer:


The Mesmerist

Situated in the heart of the Lanes is this retro-inspired hang out. On every visit, you never know what to expect. The bar manager is constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to vamp up the atmosphere. And it works.

The music tailors to everyone’s tastes and covers almost every genre while also offering live music which just paints the perfect picture for a summer’s day.

Did i mention it’s a rooftop bar? It just got better.


Grand Central

Right by the station, it’s perfect for Brighton visitors popping over for the day. Filled with plants and greenery its become an oasis, a haven away from the hustle and bustle of city life and is still relatively unknown. So get in there before the pub lovers catch on.

Its got all the traditional pub grub you’d expect and the most amazing gin and tonic menu. If that’s not enough to draw you in, I don’t know what is.

Awesome Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Brighton This Summer



Described as an “urban Verve Clicquot garden” (i had to google this too) it’s the perfect sun trap when you want to feel transported into the rural countryside. There’s even astroturf (how extra).

It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea but make sure you reserve a table as this place is very know (unlike some of the others) and is always buzzing.

Awesome Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Brighton This Summer



Patterns is a club at night but don’t be put off by this. It has the most aesthetically pleasing outdoor beer garden, with props and colours to aid in boosting your Instagram feed. The bright, vibrant colours and themes are thanks to the local artist Lois O’Hara. She titles her work ‘Paradise’ which says it all really.

You’ll easily end up staying for hours, especially with the line up of DJ’s every Saturday from 2pm-8pm, and the bottomless brunch will be sure to lure you in. (It’s key to note the unlimited glasses of Prosecco. Yes unlimited).

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Awesome Outdoor Bars To Check Out In Brighton This Summer

The Setting Sun

I have to rep The Setting Sun. After recently just being re-vamped by new owners, this pub (only 5 doors down from my house) has the most insane terrace with incredible views of Brighton. Yes, this, unfortunately, means being on a massive hill, but you’ll soon get over this.

Views of the sea, the pier, the lanes, the South Downs… the list is never-ending.



Slush-puppy vodkas. Yes, you heard it here first. (or at Hobgoblin). With the most inventive drinks and spacious beer garden (with massive heat warmers for the later-goers), it’s hard to avoid.

The Black Lion

The. Best. Sunday. Roast. Ever.

My incentive to continue returning to The Black Lion was, of course, the roast dinners, they’re to die for. But only recently did we discover the adorable back garden filled with beer-drinkers and sun-soakers. I’ll definitely be back.


Pub and sun. The best combo, right? Soak up that vitamin D with a drink in hand, surrounded by your friends. Follow this guide and you won’t (can’t) go wrong.

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