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10 Ways To Wear Lace This Coming Summer

10 Ways To Wear Lace This Coming Summer

Lace is one of the most glamourous materials in fashion – alongside velvet. It is especially used in the making of lingerie, hence its reputation of making a woman look and feel sexy. This subtle and delicate material comes either from Holland or Italy, and has been handmade since the 15th and 16th centuries. Its web-like structure is very light and absolutely gorgeous. You can wear it easily with other materials such as denim. Ideal for summertime, you can look effortlessly sophisticated and seductive.

Here are 10 ways on how to wear lace this season.

1. Lace T-shirt

Wear a lace t-shirt for a casual look. Pair it with jeans and sandals, and you’ll look cute and stylish.


2. Ooze the lace set

The trend in 2019 is to wear lace as a part of a suit combination: crop top/long skirt and lace blazer/lace trousers will be hits. You can wear the blazer and the trousers separately,  but to keep the wow effect, ooze the whole combination.

3. Lace cardigan

If you don’t want to look too girly or too sophisticated, you can go for something a little bit more boho, such as a lace cardigan. Perfect for summertime. Light and practical, you don’t need a light jacket to cover yourself anymore.

4. Nude dress

Nude is a nice alternative to white, and is very gentle to the eye. You can wear it with accessories such as bracelets, a fancy long necklace, and you’ll look effortlessly chic. Nude and pastel pink are trendy this season. Very elegant, the dress will make you stand out in any occasion.


5. Combine it with boots

Clash with the lace – which is rather a noble material – with something a little bit more abrupt. Wear your dress with no tights and cool rocker boots. Wear the lace dress with Doc Martens for a rock chic look.

6. Lace blouse

Be romantic by wearing a lovely white lace blouse. For a boho, rock and roll and chic look, wear a lace blouse this season with jeans and high heels. Ideal outfit for a first date, you will turn heads in this casual and yet smart combination.

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7. Leather jacket

Wear a maxi lace dress with a leather jacket accessorised with a pair of sunglasses…or a mini dress with maxi boots. Don’t hesitate to play with lengths and different materials. The biker jacket is a classic, and is great to wear during the transitional period in Spring when it is not too hot, and yet not that cold anymore.

8. Wear it with a sweater

Wear a sort of nightgown type of dress with a sweater, and you’ll look fashionable. You can wear it to work as well. It is very easy to turn this day time idea of outfit into a nighttime stunner.

9. Lace pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is a classic of our wardrobes. Perfect for summertime and for any occasion- work, party, date-, this skirt will compliment your figure beautifully. Wear it with a silky blouse or a black cotton t-shirt that will clash with the delicacy of the lace. You can add an extra long coat to elongate your legs.


10. Wear it as/with shorts

Lace shorts are really original, and they look great with a blazer, tights and heels. You can go for different colours of lace from black, white to pastel pink- very trendy right now. If you don’t want to wear lace shorts, you can wear a lace blouse with denim shorts for an equally satisfying look.

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