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10 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Being An Introvert At A Party

10 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Being An Introvert At A Party

As an introvert, you know parties can be super awkward, and you shouldn’t have come. If you’re not an introvert, here’s a taste of what it's like for us!

Parties are often overwhelming for the introvert people. Parties include heaps of strangers or people we know and what to avoid, crowded spaces, and claustrophobia. Introverts would much rather spend a night-in at home.

The second you arrive, you realise you shouldn’t have come (or maybe it was a lot sooner). You shouldn’t have promised your friend (or yourself) you’d try to be social. You should’ve stayed home to binge that new TV series in your pyjamas.

Here are 10 GIFs that perfectly sum up being an introvert at a party.


1. Sticking close to someone you know

You don’t know anyone here … or how to talk to them. So you stick by your extroverted friend’s side and just nod along to the conversations they have with people. You know you’re being clingy, but there’s no way you’re leaving their side … but then they disappear, and you’re stuck talking to some random person.

2. Trying to come up with things to talk about

You freak out and try to think of questions to ask them about their life. But your mind has gone blank, and you can’t think of anything. So you mumble out a question about how the weather is tonight. More like a statement. Then you quietly chastise yourself. Who wants to talk about the weather? Who wants to be around someone who talks about the weather?


3. The awkward silence (as you think of what to say)

You’re still trying to think of what to talk about, and trying to think of something to make up for that awful line about the weather. Your mind is racing. Then you’re thinking about how awkward the silence is. Either the person leaves, or you leave.

4. Standing in the corner of the room

Now you’re stuck in the corner of the room, looking like a wallflower. People-watching is one of your favourite past times. But now you look like a loner, like someone with no friends. And you realise people-watching is kind of creepy.

5. Fantasising about being home

You, the introvert, wish you were anywhere but here. Okay, home. You want to be at home. You want to continue binge-watching that awesome new TV series you just started. In your pyjamas. With chocolate. With no one else around.


6. Pretending to text someone on your phone

You look super creepy people-watching. So you pretend to look social. Like you’re texting someone super important. And having a long conversation with them. Oh, they’re so chatty and super interesting.

7. Giving up and just scrolling through Facebook on your phone

You’re sick of pretending to text someone. You’re super bored. And what if someone asked who you were talking to? So you just scroll through Facebook on your phone – total introvert move. For the tenth time. Reading the same statuses over and over, you just want to gauge your eyes out. You keep refreshing in hopes that someone will post something new.

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8. Finding the pets and hanging with them

You’re so bored, it’s time to go for a walk and see if any pets live in this house. And when you find a cute dog or cat, you hang with it and pat it. You’re so thankful there’s someone who understands you. And you wish you were the pet.


9. Going to the bathroom to escape and recharge

It’s way too humid and crowded inside, and you start to hyperventilate. So you escape to the bathroom and lock yourself in there. All alone. Ahhh space. You finally have time and room to breathe. And text someone to get you the hell out of here.

10. Leaving early

Ahhh someone arrives to pick you up. Finally. You slip out the door, and a huge wave of relief washes over you. You’re finally going home, to your safe space. Where you can continue binge-watching your favourite TV series … or just go to sleep. You made an appearance, that’s the main thing. Then, you tried to socialise, and you tried to be a be extroverted for a night. You look at your phone. Oh no, there’s another party invite.


Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in-between? Do you relate to any of these points (or all of them)? What are your party coping strategies?

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