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10 Tips For Festival-Goers This Summer

10 Tips For Festival-Goers This Summer

10 Tips For Festival-Goers This Summer

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re off to Glastonbury, Boardmasters or Boomtown here are the top tips for festival-goers this summer!

1. Stock Up On the Suncream

First time I went to a festival was when I was sixteen at Reading, we had arrived set up tents and were all relaxing out in the sun, it was the perfect first day. Until we woke up the morning after completely burnt head to toe on the first day of the festival. Even if the forecast says cloudy make sure you stock up anyways!

2. Hip Flasks Are Your Friend

Regular festival-goers know drinks inside the arena are quite expensive, so if you want to be a bit sneaky a hip flask is a must for sneaking alcohol into the arena. I also recommend investing in a hip flask and a bumbag with a sneaky compartment you can hide it in, which leads me onto my next point…


3. Bumbags Are ALSO Your Friend

Whether it’s a cheap black one or a fancy holographic number with multiple compartments, you will need a bumbag. Keep your money, phone, and any other valuables or necessities in it to avoid any theft!

4. Cook For Yourself to Save Money

Although festival food is normally amazing, it is quite expensive, if you wanna save your money a bit disposable BBQs are the one (just make sure you dispose of them safely!). Other great things to pick up before a festival are things like crisps, bread, meal deals, dried fruit and protein bars!

5. Work Out Which Acts You Definitely Want to See

As all festival-goers know there are a huge amount of fantastic acts to see at every festival. I would recommend organising with your friends in advance which acts you really want to see and which they want to see so that you can ensure you definitely get to watch them on the day.


6. Save Up More Money Than You Think You Will Need

It’s inevitable you will get a bit laid-back about your spending at a festival, you’re there to have fun after all! To avoid running out of money I would in advance calculate how much you think you will need then add around 10 percent more to that sum, just in case and so you can ensure you have the best time without stressing about money!

7. Remember Where Your Tent Is!

Another rookie error I first made at the 2016 Reading Festival was getting a bit wavy with my pals then going off on my own to find my friend who was camped in another field. Needless to say, it took me HOURS to find my tent in the dark at 2 am. Remember where your tent is!

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8. Baby Wipes Will Save Your Life

The inevitable baby wipe shower will be a regular occurrence at any festival so remember to stock up on these lifesavers before you go! Another important thing to remember is deodorant and makeup remover and a small hand mirror so you can do your makeup without making yourself look like a clown.

9. Arrange a Meeting Point With Your Mates

This is in case one of you gets lost which will probably happen if you have pre-arranged a meeting point you can all meet there without any stress. Somewhere near a landmark at the festival is a good option!

10. Don’t Forget Your Wellies!

British festivals are renowned for their mud. Expect mudslides, mud pools, mud in every possible form you could imagine. Wellies are also a lifesaver for the portaloos you will have to brave. So it’s needless to say wellies are essential for all festival-goers this summer!


What are your best tips for festival-goers this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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