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5 Tricks To Get Them To Buy You A Drink At The Bar

5 Tricks To Get Them To Buy You A Drink At The Bar

The dating scene has got a bit boring lately, Tinder or Grindr is the go to method leaving the bars a tad dull. If you want to create some entertainment and have a bit of fun, try these 5 little tricks that will get them to buy you a drink when they fall for it. Of course you run the risk that they see through the game, in which case you’ve found a smart one, and you’ll have to buy them a drink. So you better play the games right. 

1. Bet I Can Make You Say 21

It’s a simple game of multiplication and trickery, and it’ll help that your target will have hopefully had one or two to drink already through the night. They become more susceptible to the flow of the game. 

So set the scene, tell them that you bet you can make them say 21, and if you do they have to buy you a drink. They’ll think there’s no chance, they’re smart, they can hold back from saying 21 easy. 

So you have the bet. 

Now begin with simple multiplication, addition and subtraction (you may want to rehearse this if your maths skills aren’t that great, especially after a few drinks yourself). 

Once you reach a number close to 21, exclaim loudly, “I knew I could make you say it!” They’ll be confused and hopefully reply with “but I didn’t say 21…”

You can now smugly point out, that they in fact just did say 21. They now owe you drink, and hopefully you’ll get chatting some more. If they aren’t too annoyed about the trickery. 

5 Tricks To Get Them To Buy You A Drink At The Bar

So it goes a little like this…

You: What’s 2 x 2 

Them: 4

You: 4 x 4

Them: 16

You: 16 + 10

Them: 26

You: 26 x 2 

Them: 52 

You: 52 – 26 

Them: 26

You: 26 – 2

Them: 24 

You: See I told you I could make you say 24!

Them: But you said it was 21

You: Ah ha and now you’ve said 21!

2. Lying Game

Again we are going to slightly stroke their ego, allow them to get cocky as they think they’ve won the bet only to be tricked at the last minute. 

For this game you bet that they can’t lie to you for 5 questions. Should be easy right. They’re sure they can handle it, and that you’ll be buying them a drink by the end of it. 

Provide an example to explain the parameters of the game, i.e “What colour is the sky?” They should reply with any other colour but blue. And now the game begins.

Ask 3 simple questions, such as “what colour shirt are you wearing?”, or “what drink are they drinking?” etc. Easy questions working off the surroundings. 

Now for the fun. 

At the fourth question compliment them and let them know how well they’re doing. Try and stall for a little time before acting confused and asking “what question are we on?”. Most people will answer 4, forgetting the game should mean answering with a lie. 

5 Tricks To Get Them To Buy You A Drink At The Bar

But for those that catch on and manage to reply with a false number, their ego will be inflated at this point. So you say “you’re really good at this, have you played before?”.

They’re going to be so smug and happy from besting you on the last trick question, that their guard will be down and they’ll answer truthfully. Saying no, they haven’t. 

And voila, the 5th question was a truth and they now owe you a drink. 

There is a chance your target sees through the game and manages to lie for all 5, in which case you’ve found a very intelligent person and now have to buy them a drink instead. 

3. Bet I Can Make You Laugh

This is a game of snails. Yes snails. And also tickling slightly.

So again, propose to them that you bet you can make them laugh, they’ll be adamant that you won’t be able to. They might be an expert at those try not to laugh challenges on Youtube.

You have your bet in place. Now you need your finger and their fore arm. Ask nicely, and make sure you’re ok to touch them first. 

Then you begin the narrative. 

‘There are 3 snails in a race, one is blind, another is deaf, and the last is mute. These snails are going to go up your arm, and when you say stop, that’s where they will finish in the race.”

“First up is the mute snail”. Slowly trace your finger up their arm, and when they say stop that’s where you stop that snail. 

“Next is the blind snail”. You can have fun with this snail, as you slightly go wavy in the line. He is blind after all. Again they will say stop and you’ll have another finishing point. 

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“Last we have the deaf snail”. As you trace this last snail up their arm, remember this snail is deaf. So when they say stop for the final time, you carry on. The snail can’t hear them say stop. He carries on up their arm. 

5 Tricks To Get Them To Buy You A Drink At The Bar

When they realise what is happening, they won’t be able to help but laugh at the silliness of it all, and hopefully at the slight tickling as you get further up the arm towards their armpit. 

I can vouch for this method personally, I was sure it wouldn’t work, that I wouldn’t laugh, but I burst out laughing as my boyfriend carried on up on my arm. Fair to say I lost, and lost a bit of dignity to him. He was so smug afterwards. 

But here I am sharing the trick because it does work, and it’s different to the normal, straight-forward question ‘can i buy you a drink?’.

4. Divide By Half Trick

Another maths one for you. If you’ve got a good memory and some showmanship you can fool your date into thinking you’re a mind reader. 

Others will know its just a simple maths trick. The answer is always 7. 

So the script you need to remember: 

“Think of a number between 1 and 10 and don’t tell me. Now multiply that number by 2. Once you’ve done that, add 14. Now divide by 2 and minus off your original number…

…Now with this number in your head, imagine it clearly in front of you. Imagine drawing it on a chalk board big and bold so that I can see it in your mind!”

When you reveal their number is 7, they will be flabbergasted. And who wouldn’t want to buy a guy a drink that can read their mind. It’s every girls dream for a guy to just to know what they are thinking so we don’t have to explain everything all the time.

Try it out! Pick any number yourself and see if you get 7.  

5 Tricks To Get Them To Buy You A Drink At The Bar

5. Riddle 

The last one is the simplest of all. No script to remember other than the bet its self. 

“I bet I can put something in your weaker hand that you can’t life with your stronger hand”

They’ll of course agree that you won’t be able to do it, because surely anything they can lift with their weaker hand they can definitely lift with their stronger hand. 

So after you’ve established which is their dominant hand, all you have to do is place their elbow in their weaker hand. 

They can’t hold the elbow of the same arm. 

Say they are right handed, they can’t hold their right elbow with their right hand, only their left. 

Therefore, you have proved that you can put something in their weaker hand that they can’t lift with their stronger one.

And now they owe you a drink. 

So there are the 5 tricks to get them to buy you a drink. Use them wisely. 

Comment below if you have any more tricks up your sleeves that help you pull someone at the bar. And let me know if you have any success with these 5!

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