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10 Tips To Drink More Without Blacking Out

10 Tips To Drink More Without Blacking Out

Here's how to stop blacking out. These 10 tips on how to drink more but not black out should help you out a bit. Follow these drinking tips carefully dudes.

Hopefully you’ve gotten past the stage where you think blacking out is funny. If you have, congratulations. It’s never fun waking up the next morning having no fucking idea what you did or where you went; at least come home remembering how irresponsible and stupid you were the night before. Here are simple and respectable ways to binge drink without blacking out.


It’s a well-known fact that if you eat bread while you’re drunk it absorbs the alcohol and sobers you up a bit. However, before you let yourself binge drink for the night, grease up and eat some high fat foods. Eat a damn burger before you out. Grease actually takes longer to digest than carbs so it processes the food with the booze at the same time. This creates a stable drunk. Carbs only make you tired so ditch the loafs of bread.

Liquor Before Beer

You all know the saying, “liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” Starting the night with hard liquor is a lot better for your liver. The carbonation from beer seeps into your blood stream so if you start with it, the hard liquor is going right in. Once you make the switch, don’t go back or else you’ll be the guy who was blacking out.


Pace Yourself

This tip might get lost along the way as the night progresses but it’s worth knowing. You are literally slowing down the poison intake when you slow the drink consumption down. Listen to your body throughout the night. Think about it this way, the slower you go, the less money you spend.


Alcohol a diuretic; it makes you pee more. Ultimately, you’re gonna get dehydrated. Avoid the soft drinks and opt for water; it’s your friend. If you really want to drink more, then sneak in some water so you can continue throughout the night. The more you dry out the more pain you’ll be in. You can even throw in some Gatorade if you aren’t feeling the water at the moment. Gives you a bit of flavor and you get electrolytes in your system. No one wants you blacking out anymore at the party.

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Light Vs. Dark

Opt for light beers. As you already know, light beer refers to lower alcohol or calorie content in comparison to regular beers. If you want to drink more without getting inebriated, go for the light beer. Light colored beer does not necessarily mean that it’s a light beer! Save the dark beer for cold nights indoors and a good meal. If your intention is to get pretty fucked up, stick to the light beer party beverage. There will be no blacking out tonight!

Let us know what you think about blacking out in the comments below! If you need pregame games to play, here are some deadly drinking games sure to fuck you up.
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