10 Signs You Are Dating A FuckGirl

Here are some signs you are dating a fuckgirl. If you are unsure you are dating a fuckgirl, these signs will give it away in a heartbeat. Stay away fuckgirl

We all know about the classic Fuckboy that slides into your DM’s with pickup lines that try way to hard. But chances are you’ve never heard of a Fuckgirl (and no this is not just another word for whore). This girl runs the show and if you don’t know what the giveaways are, here are 10 signs you’re dating a Fuckgirl.

1. She will only give you her Snapchat and rarely gives out her actual phone number

If you only have her snap, she knows it’s going to end soon because she’s obviously not in this for the long run. Plus, it’s easier to block a guy’s snap than their phone number

2. She’s always playing games with you.

Whether its leaving you on read every night or being a complete tease, she treats everything as a little game. This entire situation is just for fun and to make her life a more interesting. It also makes for great stories to share with her friends.

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3. You’ve probably never met any of her friends and don’t expect to anytime soon

If she never introduces you her to her friends, you’ll never have to worry about awkwardly running into them after things are ended. In her mind, if you won’t be around that much, why go through the trouble of introducing you to everyone and worrying about if they like you or not.

4. Let’s face it she only likes things that benefit herself

She always receives and never gives…. just don’t expect too much from her.

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5. If she does talk to her friends about you, she’ll only refer to you as a friend or “this guy I know”

She just doesn’t want you or anyone else to think that you guys are boyfriend/girlfriend because those labels get too complicated. Also, there’s no straight up term for the “guy I’m seeing but not really dating.” If you seriously don’t know if you’re dating a fuckgirl, this sign proves it all.

6. Don’t expect her to double snap or text you first because she wont

Her pride is too big to initiate the conversation especially if she was the last one to send something. But if you keep sending her things if she doesn’t respond  you’re going to be gone real quick…she hates when boys get obsessive.

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7. You’re probably only going to hang out once or twice a week.

Anything more than that is too much of a commitment and her schedule is too busy. Don’t worry though, because you’ll run into her a ton since she always seems to be in the same place as you.

8. She’s a total savage around you.

She has no problem thinking of quick comebacks and it doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out alone or with a group of your friends. She just tells it like it is and won’t take shit from no one and in case you forget, shell always remind you she’s the total HBIC. (Most of the things she says is a joke so don’t take it to heart.)

9. She will flirt with other guys whether you’re around or not.

For the most part, she doesn’t care if you flirt with other girls too because it’s not like you’re actually serious. And she almost always tells you about any guy that’s asked her out or hooked up with.

10. At the end of the day, all she wants is attention

Charlie Puth couldn’t have said it any better “you just want attention, you don’t want my heart.” So, whether it’s from you or the 8 other guys she’s snapping that’s all she wants. She thrives on knowing that there are guys who want her and enjoys seeing how far they’ll go before they realize she doesn’t like them back. She also hates sharing any kind of emotions so don’t be surprised if the only two moods she has is playful and bitch. This is a clear sign you are dating a fuckgirl.


What other signs prove you’re dating a fuckgirl?
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