10 Things You Will Never Hear A Student Say At Emerson College

Emerson College is unique when compared to other colleges. It is a school focused on the arts for example, film, writing, acting etc. It is a wonderful place with a student body filled with diverse, accepting and loving individuals. There are differences between every college, but there are a lot of similarities. I’ve experienced a lot as a freshman so far and I have learned a lot as well. Among the film history and speech communication I’ve been taught, I also realized some things about the campus and people on it. Along those lines, there are ten things that you will never hear a student say at Emerson College!

1. “Trump is my President!”

In light of our current political situation here in the United States of America, you’ll never hear a student at Emerson say this. You will definitely hear a lot about Nasty Women though!

2. “I love the horse meat they serve here! I’m going up for seconds!”

Like most colleges, the food students are fed isn’t top notch. Recently, our food provider, Sodexo had a little run in with the news, and apparently they were found to be using horse meat instead of ground beef in some places! (Hopefully not Emerson but if so, luckily they also serve cereal.)

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3. “Let’s go to the football game!”

Emerson College does have some great sports teams, (shout out to my roomie on the women’s basketball team!) There isn’t a huge variety of sports to play, we do have Quidditch which I hear is a blast, but Emerson is missing some of the basics. If you are ever invited to go to an Emerson College football game, it’s a trap. It is something you’ll never hear since we don’t have a football team!

4. “What’s the calc homework?”

Since Emerson is an arts school, there are some liberal arts requirements most students get excused from. If you have taken four years of math and aren’t a marketing student, you will be exempt from taking math! (And for the marketing students statistics isn’t that bad!) Therefore, when walking the streets of Emerson with your pals, if you’re asked what the calc homework is, take it as a joke.

5. “Isn’t all of this construction great?”

Emerson is undergoing a lot of construction currently, so a lot of buildings and resources have been displaced. Students at Emerson like to stay fit, and to do that they go to the gym. The new gym is a 10-15 minute walk from campus through a sketchy neighborhood, so instead of actually going into the gym, a lot of kids just walk there and back. In the new gym you won’t hear gym buffs rave about how great the new gym is!

6. “This is the safest campus!”

Being in Boston, and a street away from China Town, Emerson isn’t always the safest. Since September there have been about two and a half stabbings, two robberies and more. (Fun!) If you’re walking to LB from PROW at 3 am and you walk into the building to see the security guards asleep, it’s a guarantee that the next day you won’t be telling your friends about how safe you felt.

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7. “I wish I went to Suffolk.”

Emerson is in the heart of Boston, so we have a lot of neighboring schools, Suffolk, Fisher College and more. Walking to class it can be hard to distinguish who are your friends (Emerson students) and foes (everyone else). Attending Emerson, you will never hear about how great those kids from Suffolk are, because no offense, they aren’t as great as Emerson students.

8. “Wow you’re from the 3rd floor, yes please make the elevator make one more stop instead of walking down one flight of stairs!”

Every building has a slew of elevators, since the dorms go up to the 14th floor in some buildings it’s a necessity. Some elevators take longer than others, sometimes they’re older or it’s that annoying kid from the 9th floor who pressed all of the buttons. The worst are the kids who take the elevator from the 3rd to the dining hall on the 2nd floor…

9. “You know what, I think I’m done joining orgs.”

Emerson is a competitive college when it comes to, “who can do more.” Students are involved in practically everything but they still eat, sleep and sometimes breathe. And if you do hear that, it’s a lie and they attempting to trick you into doing the same so they can get ahead.

10. “I want to go home for Thanksgiving break.”

All the students, staff and even the therapy dog Rudy, know how great Emerson is despite the horse meat, construction and untrustworthy elevators. The above goes for Winter or Summer breaks too since Boston is the best place to be and Emerson summer classes are so cheap!

What else will you never hear a student say at Emerson College? Comment below!
Featured photo source: boston.curbed.com and dailyfreepress.com
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