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10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

Boston, 10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

Have you heard about the new Casino in the city? Do you have questions or what to know more about it? Here is a little more information you might want to know before checking out Encore casino. 

1. The Giant Popeye 

The giant Popeye sculpture that had been bought by the former Wynn Resorts CEO, Steve Wynn, is located in the center of Encore Boston Harbor’s garden esplanade. The statue stands six foot and five inches tall weighing a massive 2,000 pounds. 

This incredible statue is worth twenty- eight million dollars and many people cannot understand why this statue is so important to the Casino. The statue was picked among other decorative furniture to be featured in the casino because of its fun and playful nature.

The statue falls under all five categories the decorators were looking for. Those categories being decor and furniture that elicits drama, mystery, delight, and joy, and the expensive Popeye statue falls under those categories.

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

2.  Red Seats 

It is no secret that all the casino seats are a royal red color, but this is not just for decorative purposes. The Encore casino chose to put these red cozy seats at their many game tables because of the feelings the color evokes in people. 

The red color is supposed to evoke feelings of warmth in a colder climate, making people feel warm and comfortable causing them to not want to leave. This is a smart and strategic move on the casino decorator’s part and it is proven to work just as they planned it to! 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

3. The Carousel 

Right as you walk through the front doors of Encore Casino, you cannot help but notice the mesmerizing flower- encrusted carousel directly in the center of the casino. 

The colorful display of flowers and and antique carousel horses is the station for every instagram worthy picture. The carousel is made with 83,000 permanent botanical flowers and certainly brightens up the place with its vibrant and beautiful flower creation. 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

4. The Gym 

Encore has a guest only gym that looks over the mystical and gigantic flower garden. Everywhere you look you can see enchanting floral arrangements, even in the gym where you do not expect it. 

Complete with all up to date work out equipment, including free wights, cardio machines, medicine balls, and more. the Encore casino gym is just about as luxurious as you can imagine, and just as elegant and expensive as the rest of the casino. 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

5.  Hours 

Encore casino is open all hours of the day and all seven days of the week. You can attend this casino at any time whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or night.

If you want to gamble, Encore’s open. If you want to go to a club, the ones inside Encore will be open. If you want to get dinner, Encore’s open. No matter what you want to do and what time you want to do it, Encore is always open! 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

6. Parking 

Encore casino now has free parking open to all of it’s customers. This is a huge perk, especially because parking in the city is limited. It is also a perk because Encore could’ve charged it’s customers more money to park and made more money, but they chose not to do that and give their customers an even bigger incentive to go check out the new casino. 

If you live in the city and don’t drive, therefore the free parking does not benefit you, there are multiple free shuttles throughout the city you can take to get to the casino. The shuttles are located at the MBTA Orange Line’s Wellington and Malden Center stations. There are also seven dollar ferries from Boston’s Seaport and Long Wharf, and seven dollar buses from park-and-rides in Millbury, Rockland, and Londonderry, New Hampshire. 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

7. Age Requirement 

There is no age requirement when it comes to walking around and checking out the beautiful scenery of the casino. However, in order to get inside the casino and sit at any sort of gambling games, you must, and I mean MUST be twenty-one years of age. 

Inside the casino, cocktail waitresses serve alcohol, therefore, it is illegal for anyone under the age of twenty-one to be inside the casino.  If you attempt to get into the casino under the age limit, they will take your photograph and a photo of your identification, you will be escorted off of the premises, and then you will be banned from the casino for life. 

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10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

8. Table Games 

Encore has a huge gaming floor that includes 3,158 slot machines, popular themed gaming machines, and 143 table games. 

The slot machines vary from the classical mechanical reel games to digital video machines. They are said to have every new slot machine known to man, and this large quantity of games are all on the first floor of the casino underneath the forty-foot ceilings. 

Then there are the themed gaming machines, which include popular machines such as Monopoly, Wheel of Fortune, and Game of Thrones themed machines. 

Lastly, there are the table games, which range from blackjack to roulette. There are also five dollar minimum games featured on the first floor that cater to novice gamblers and newcomers. 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

9. Alcohol 

The liquor is always flowing at Encore Casino. Alcohol is practically always available to customers since it is served until 4 a.m. 

The waiters will announce last call at 3:30 a.m. and let people know they only have a half hour to order any more drinks they may want.  However, in order to be served any drinks after 2 a.m., patrons must be actively playing games at a table. This does not mean they can be standing at a slot machine and get served more alcohol. They must be sitting down at a gaming table in order to continue be served past 2 a.m. 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

10. The Shows 

Encore casino features a night club on the inside if you don’t feel like gambling, or if you feel like partying and gambling. The club inside the casino, memoire, is a high-energy night club where customers get drink, dance, and have a great night while enjoying an up-beat and hot selection of music. 

10 Things To Know About Encore Casino In Boston

Do you have anything else you want to tell us about Encore Casino? Comment below and tell us what we need to know!

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