Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

Are you considering applying to Emmanuel College for your college career? Do you already go to Emmanuel College or one of the other Colleges of The Fenway and want to now how you can get more involved? If you’re an incoming student or currently attending one of these colleges, here are various clubs you can join to get yourself involved on campus and in the community! 

EC Dance Marathon 

Being the largest club on this campus, and on multiple other campus’, Dance Marathon is a part of the nation-wide Miracle Network programs that raise money for local Children Miracle Network Hospitals. They plan various fun events on campus to raise funds for Boston Children’s Hospital to improve research, child life, and family support and care. 

Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

Her Campus Emmanuel 

Her Campus Emmanuel is an online campus blog where students plan and write content of their choosing to be featured on the blog website. This is a club that is inclusive to all, but mostly consists of Communication and English Majors as it requires a lot of writing. Students get to write about whatever they please, connect with a great group of people, and even attend various event such as fashion week and a weekend in New York City! 

Field Hockey Club

The Emmanuel College field hockey club is one of the few sports club that travel and get to play against other college field hockey clubs.  This club allows experienced students to continue playing a sport without the large commitment of actually playing a college sport. It also allows students with no experience to learn how to play the sport and have fun doing it!

Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

Sailing Club 

The Emmanuel College sailing club is a unique club in which students get to learn to sail on the Boston Harbor. It’s a fun, hands-on, and cooperative club that all students can be a part of whether that have experience sailing or not! 

EC Community Outreach 

These caring club members give up their weekends to help those within their community. They work to promote social justice and service by doing various acts of community service throughout the greater Boston community. 

Ultimate Frisbee 

This fun co-ed, team-based athletic activity allows students to enjoy a a fun game of frisbee while getting competitive against their peers. Students can get all the perks of being a part of a team while getting in their weekly workout and gaining a wide range of frisbee skills.

Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

Black Student Union 

This club works to create a greater awareness of the African Diaspora, as well as foster a cultural exchange by enhancing the social and intellectual participation of all students within the college community. The Black student Union strives to edify, support, and represent the interests and concerns of students of color at Emmanuel College. 

EC Superfans 

This exciting and supportive club is for students who love to go to sporting events, cheer on the sports teams, and give love to the athletes with their claps and screams. This club gives students a fun incentive to go to more on campus sporting events and get more involved in on-campus activities. 

Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

Yoga Club 

Students who join this club can enjoy a break from the stressors of college while they indulge themselves in the peace and serenity that is yoga. Students can join in on a class taught by a professional yoga instructor, and get in touch with themselves in a quiet and stress relieving environment. 

Zumba Club 

This energetic exercise and dance club gets it’s club members moving and grooving to all kinds of music. The students in this club don’t need to worry about the monotonous and boring routines of working out in a gym because in this environment,  they will not even know they are working out. 

Swimming Club 

This Colleges of the Fenway organization gives all students attending any of the five colleges: MCPHS, Emmanuel College, Wentworth College, Massachusetts College of Art, and Simmons College, the opportunity to exercise safely, learn how to swim, or continue their swimming career. 

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Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

Habitat For Humanity 

This Emmanuel College club partners with the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Boston Affiliate to serve the local community and offer a life-changing opportunity to those in Boston needing housing assistance. Students in this club participate in multiple builds throughout the school year and fund raise to help provide assistance to those in need within their community. 

Sister For Sister 

This is a club in which its group members focus on women empowerment and strengthening the female community of Emmanuel College through education, events, programs, and community outreach. 

The Body Project 

The body project is an inclusive club that was made to create a safe space for students to talk about details pertaining to any body image and self-love issues they may have. The body project club encourages members within the club to support each other in combating these issues while encouraging each other to share their experiences. 

A Cappella Club 

The a cappella club gives musically inclined students a chance to express and showcase their musical talents for their peers and other schools to hear. These students work to better themselves as musicians by holding concerts and putting together events with other campus groups.  

Fun Clubs To Keep You Involved At Emmanuel College

The Hub 

The Hub is the on campus Emmanuel College newspaper that is entirely run by students. This club gives students that have an interest in working in the newspaper industry, specifically in editing and publishing, a chance to gain some writing experience and get their work published. 

Fashion Club 

Students can bring out their inner fashionista and learn all their is to know about the latest fashion trends. The goal of this club is to widen the views of students’ interpretations on fashion. Students can learn about fashion history, learn what the latest fashion styles are, and learn how fashion plays a key role in their lives. 

Do any of these clubs interest you? Comment below and tell us which clubs you’re interested in or which ones you would like to try!

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