10 Things Every University of Georgia Student Asks Themselves

Being a UGA student has its perks and definitely many unanswered questions. Here are ten questions University of Georgia students ask themselves.

Being a UGA student has its perks, its downfalls, and definitely many unanswered questions. Whether you’re an undergrad, grad student, or alumni, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions at some point in your college career. Here are ten questions University of Georgia students ask themselves.

1. Is it the MLC or the SLC?

If you’re calling the Miller Learning Center the MLC, then you’re either a freshman or a transfer. It will forever and always be called the SLC.

2. Why are the Orbit buses always so full?

Seriously, why haven’t they added a few more Orbit drivers by now?? Personal space is overrated anyways, I guess.

3. Why isn’t parking free?

We pay thousands of dollars a year to attend this school, but it’ll cost you an extra $40/mo if you want to drive to class (that is if you even get approved for a parking pass). I swear UGA thinks we’re all just made of money.

4. Should I wear a tank top or a snowsuit to class today?

Athens, Ga: where it’s probably snowing for your 8 AM and hot enough to cause a heat stroke by your 12:20. No need to check the weather channel, they’re probably wrong considering how bipolar the weather is here.


5. Why on earth did I sign up for an 8 AM?

You will never get enough sleep if you sign up for an 8 AM. Never. You’ll sit through every class regretting your decision and wishing you were sleeping.

6. Can I make it from East Campus to Park Hall in 15 minutes?

Unless you want to sprint, the answer is a hard no. We’ve all made this registration mistake once or twice.

7. Will PAWS-Secure ever work?

Again, thousands of dollars in tuition!!! You would think we would have some decent wifi to work with, but alas the answer is always no.

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8. How many times can you “call the dawgs” before it gets old?

Whether you’re at a restaurant in St. Simons preparing for GA/FL or dancing on the tables at Bourbon at 1 AM, it is always the perfect time to call the dawgs.


9. Will the Dawgs ever win a national championship?

Being a UGA fan is hard. Watching the Dawgs lose is nothing short of heartbreak. Every. Single. Time. But as we always say, “There’s always next year!”

10. Do I really have to graduate?

Unfortunately, our time here must come to an end. Although we may graduate and no longer be students at the greatest school on earth, our hearts will always bleed red and black.

What other questions do University of Georgia students ask themselves?
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