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10 Things They Never Told You About High School

10 Things They Never Told You About High School

High school seems fine – until it’s not anymore – and you’re thrown into the real world, uncertain of what comes next. All in all, it makes you wish you hadn’t taken certain things for granted; fortunately – for all who can relate – we’ve compiled a list of 10 things they never told you about high school when it comes time to transition from high school to adulthood.

1. High School’s Practically Meaningless Once You Leave.

You’ve graduated… great now what? You’d been waiting for that victorious moment for so long, but now that it’s actually happened, it’s hard for you to imagine what comes next; hopefully, by this point, you’ve already applied to a few of your top colleges – and have been admitted to at least one. Consequently, you may think that all of your high school memories hold meaning – till you head to college that is – and create better ones.

10 Things They Never Told You About High School

2. After High School, You’ll Have A Whole New Set Of Friends.

Kiss all your old best friends goodbye because time is fleeting – and with it a majority of your friendships. Fortunately, life goes on – and while all of those friends were nice in the moment people change, and so do places – as we move on to discover new things. College is often times where you’ll stumble upon a good majority of your forever friends – as you are no longer focused on insignificant things, that you may have once invested your time – but instead have one common goal which is to invest in your future.

3. You’ll Be Thrown Into Adulthood Post-Graduation.

Life sure is blissful – especially when you aren’t having to pay your own bills, or purchase your own groceries. Get ready to part ways with all of these luxuries when it comes time to leave home because you’ll find that it’s all a part of growing up. Fortunately, even though it may feel like a sink or swim situation – your floaties will come off eventually – as you adjust to living life on your own while gaining independence in the process.

4. Your Diet Or Appetite May Sky Rocket Out Of Control.

Many of us have heard of the freshman 15, but no matter whether you gain a couple of pounds – or lose a few – you’ll definitely begin to notice a change in your diet. Buffets, and take out, will become two of your best friends – if they weren’t already. Snacking may become an issue – as you’ll find a lot more spare time to do so.

5. You’ll Wonder How You Made It Through 7 to 8 Hour School Days.

College may make you question your sanity at times, but even so, you’re sure to come to your senses – when you reflect on your high school days. Here is where you would spend 7 to 8 hours of your time consecutively; but with a mere 12 credit hours, you can’t help but wonder how that was ever possible. Fortunately, this makes you a lot more thankful when looking to the days ahead; if you were able to overcome that, then you are certain to overcome anything.

10 Things They Never Told You About High School


6. Homemade Foods Is A Lot Better Than Cafeteria Food.

You throw your grad cap up in the air in celebration of having made it to the end of your sentence – when in reality you’re just happy that you no longer have to eat any more cardboard pizza. Instead, you can now stock your fridge with anything that you’d like – and deck out your pantry/cabinets with your favorite snacks/spices. And while you might not get to wake up to mom’s cooking as much as you used to – eating in the comfort of your own apartment beats cafeteria food any day.

7. You’ll Miss What It Felt Like To Not Have To Pay Tuition.

College books: expensive; high school books: priceless. It isn’t until you enter into your university bookstore that your blood pressure begins to skyrocket – upon hearing the cost when checking out. At that moment, you find yourself having to defer the payment to your school account – or cover out-of-pocket; times like these are when you realize just how much you took your free textbooks for granted.

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8. You’ll Find Out Real Quick That High School Does Little To Prepare You For Filing Your Taxes.

It’s your first time filing your taxes away from home – and you can’t help but feel stressed out – as you glance over each box, time and time again, to make sure that you’ve entered all the information correctly. You may even find yourself going as far as calling home to verify the data with your mom or dad. You nod your head in agreement as though you understand before the phone call ends – but find yourself even more confused than when you started.

9. You’ll Regret How Careless You Were With Your Savings Account.

One thing you wish you’d known in high school is how to save, but unfortunately – for many of us – budgeting wasn’t really in the picture. However, if it was, then you serve as one of the lucky few – and I applaud you. Now, we wonder how much money we would have in our emergency fund – if we weren’t so busy spending it when going out with friends. On the bright side, it’s better late than never – and now that adulthood is upon is – we start to be a lot more grateful for all the things that our parents provided for us, while barely providing for ourselves as struggling college kids.

10 Things They Never Told You About High School


10. You’ll Wonder Why One Of Your 3 Hour Credits Can’t Consist Of Another “Study Hall”.

Study hall seemed like such a nice thing in high school, but looking back you wish someone had told you to make use of all that time you wasted. If you could, you’d have used it for a lot more things now that you’re in college – but sadly it’s too late – and instead, you may have found yourself spending the whole time talking to your friends as your teacher chastised you for being loud.

We hope that these 10 things they never told you about high school help you when reflecting on your own experiences. Don’t forget to share – and let us know what you think – in the comments below!

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