10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Ohio State University

If you go to Ohio State University, and these things haven’t happened to you… well then, you probably don’t go to Ohio State.

1. You will wave to someone you think you know… but actually don’t.

THIS WILL HAPPEN REPEATEDLY. Do yourself a huge favor and practice waving in the mirror a couple times before you’re waving at who you thought was your roommate, and everyone within seeing distance is wondering why you’re flailing around like you’re on something illegal.

2. You’ll get your car towed or ticketed for parking off campus.

First you’re saying,”Was it the second Thursday or the third Tuesday? I can’t remember, oh well.”

Next thing you know, you’re flagging down the tower, screaming at him because you “never got the notice about street cleaning”. Yeah, right. Me too girl.

3. You’ll get too much Ohio State swag for Christmas.

We’re talking everything from ornaments to sweatshirts people. Embrace it, and remember to thank them when you haven’t done laundry in a month and there’s nothing left for you to wear except the OSU leggings and the t-shirt your friend got you because “I had no idea what you would want”.

4. You’ll take the wrong bus.

One minute your getting on the bus you thought was right. Next minute you’re at the James even though you were supposed to be at Hitchcock twenty minutes ago. The OSU app is handy. Embrace it. Download it. Use it. Save yourself the missed exams, classes and the time spent wasting away the day on your accidental tour of the whole other side of campus.

5. You’ll pull an all-nighter at the library.

I hate wasted time as much as the next person, so remember that Thompson isn’t open 24 hours.. 18th avenue is.

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6. You’ll forget your buck I.D.

AKA the little rectangular piece of plastic that you need to be able to do anything, and everything important. Getting dinner at Scott? Wrong, forgot your buck ID. Working out at the RPAC? Ha, you thought. Need to take an exam that is 40% of your grade? Your buck ID is chilling at home, and he doesn’t care.

7. You’ll end a night out at one of the many eateries on High Street.

Hey, I hear that buckeye donuts runs this deal, and they’re open 24 hours… yeah, we know. We saw you there last weekend too.

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8. You’ll get a workout everyday.

You’ll swear it only took you 20 minutes to get there last time. Cross your fingers it isn’t supposed to rain, and in case that fails, bring a jacket with a hood and your running shoes.

9. You’ll hate Michigan.

Not an M in sight on the week of “the game”. Way back when, Ohio and Michigan were involved in the Toledo War, and some of the men playing still had hard feelings. Obviously, you know who won. Obviously, you know who still wins. Muahahahaha.

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Ohio State University

10. Carmen Ohio

Never has there ever been a better song. How firm thy friendship? You’re darn right.

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