10 Ways Kris Jenner Would Make A Great House Mom

Every sorority house needs a strong, supportive house mom to keep everything running smoothly. The perfect candidate for the job is obviously Kris Jenner, as she is the momager of the century. Here are 10 reasons why your sorority should consider this famous matriarch to be a great house mom!

1. On-Hand Personal Photographer

Every house girl knows that a photo shoot is necessary before a night out. Not only would Kris provide fabulous photography services, but her outpouring of positive affirmations would have everyone feelin’ themselves as they head out on the town!

2. Great Priorities

Kris knows what is important. Whether it is an outfit obstacle or drink disaster, she has the right head on her shoulders to put the most critical situations first.

3. Style. Icon.

Kris sets style standards. She’s ahead of the trends and never fails to go above and beyond when it comes to a fashion statement. She would be great at leading the house girls in style endeavors throughout the year.

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4. Honest Advice

Maybe that underboob trend is not for you. Or your douche frat boyfriend has got to go. Kris is honest and always wants the best for her loved ones; there’s no doubt that she would look out for her girls in all aspects of life.

5. Constant Support

And when things are going well in the house, Kris would be everyone’s #1 supporter! She loves hyping up her famous clan and making them feel on top of the world.

6. Calm, Cool, & Collected

Kris is cool as a cucumber. Despite all the woes she deals with on a daily basis, she manages to stay calm and take every obstacle in stride.

7. Protective Over Her Girls

But if anyone messes with Kris’ family or friends, she will destroy them. Do not mess with Kris Jenner because under that serene exterior, she is a savage and will not take your shit.

8. Superior Problem Solver

From leaked sex tapes to divorce drama, Kris has experienced her fair share of family controversy. Typical issues that arise in a sorority house are minuscule compared to what Kris has been through – she’d be perfect for keeping the peace!

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9. Role Model

All young women have insecurities, and sometimes being in a house with dozens of other chicks just elevates those personal fears. Kris has a great sense of personal confidence. This would set a great example for all the other women to love themselves and build each other up – as sisters should!

10. Always There For A Pick-me-up

No matter if you are suffering from a large or small scale problem, Kris would be always be there to show love and support. She is the ultimate momager, after all!

Do you think that Kris Jenner would make a great house mom for your sorority? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
Featured image source: pinterest.com
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