10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

As a student at FSU myself, I’m sure that you all can relate when I say that the repeated trips to Bento and Ubers to and from the clubs can leave you with no money in a short amount of time and leave you like this (see below). Don’t worry though, there are plenty of things to do in Tallahassee for free! Here are 10 of my favorite free things to do around Florida State University!


1. Take A Walk Around Lake Ella

Located just a few miles from campus, Lake Ella is a popular spot to go running, set up a picnic, or to take cute pics with your friends! Stop by Big Easy for a sno-cone or stop into the cute little boutiques nearby for an inexpensive day out!

10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

2. Live Shows at Club Downunder

Club Downunder has events going on all the time, and they are all free for FSU students with your ID! Even if you aren’t a student, tickets for shows usually run anywhere between $10-$15. They host everything from Stand-Up comedy shows to live concerts (I saw Hippo Campus here back in November and it was awesome!!) Check their schedule on the CDU website for upcoming events!

3. Hang Out at The Rez

The FSU Reservation is a popular spot for FSU students because you can do everything from paddle-boarding, sailing, kayaking, and even a rope course- for free! All you have to do is show your ID when you drive in! Also, keep an eye out for the events that they have from time to time like their  Rez Days, where they usually have live music and food. Even if you hate the outdoors, you should never turn down free food, y’all!

10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

4. FSU Sports Games

If you’re on a budget, you can go watch great division-ranked teams for free AND in person! (Awesome, right??) I always wanted to watch an FSU football game at Doak ever since I was little, and now I get to do it almost every Saturday in the fall! Get some of your friends together, get some war stripes painted on your faces by the Spirithunters, and go cheer on the Noles!

5. Visit Maclay Gardens

This one isn’t entirely free, but it is pretty inexpensive ($2 per person if walking, $6 per car). You can go to look at the different flowers that bloom throughout the year, take gardening classes, or fish in the rec area. It’s also a cool place to learn more about a piece of Tallahassee’s history!

6. Railroad Square Art Park

Railroad is probably one of my favorite places to go in Tallahassee, because it is home to so many cute shops like Psockology, Curio Goods, and The Other Side Vintage where you can always find something unique for a decent price. After that, check out Black Dog or All Saints for coffee or the rock gym to go bouldering!

10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

7. FSU Fine Arts Museum

The Fine Arts Museum is right next to the Call St. Garage, and exhibits art that is created by faculty members, as well as collections that are brought in. I think this is something that makes at FSU pretty unique, because most campuses don’t have an open museum, and you can keep gong back as the art changes. Admission is free with your ID!

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8. Catch A Movie at the ASLC

Our student life center on campus hosts showings of movies that have just come out, as well as some cult-classics and old favorites! They also sell concessions for a few dollars more if you want to buy those, too! Why would you ever spend $10 or more at a movie theater when you have one on campus??


9. Check the Corq App for Free Food and Events

Corq has honestly been my best friend in college so far. My OL told me about it while I was touring the school and I love it! The other day, there was a free Chinese buffet in the Union and it was a nice break from Suwannee! You never know what kinds of free things will show up on the app, so check it all the time for things to do!

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10.  Go to Cascades Park

Cascades Park has events every month that are free for the community! Make a trip there for their food truck days, watch a movie out on the lawn, or catch a concert at the Capital City Amphitheater!

Are there any more Free Things To Do Around Florida State University that should be on this list? Share them below!
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