10 Things You Know After Your First Semester At OSU

We’ve all been there… new place, new people, it can be intimidating. At first you don’t know how you’ll do it, but eventually things fall into place. Here’s 10 things you’ll definitely know if you’ve ever been a first semester freshman at OSU.

Ohio State University

1. You Freaked out about Where You Were Going to Live…

Hearing that housing came out and waiting for your e-mail to load was probably one of the most stressful moments ever. You hoped you’d be lucky enough to live in Smith Steeb or Park Strad, and if you didn’t get what you wanted you were in a bad mood for the entire next week.

osu dorms

2. You Didn’t get how Dining Dollars or Swipes Worked

Can you use dining dollars at chipotle? What’s Buck ID money? Wait, can I use a swipe at the union? It took you a few days but eventually you figured it out.

3. You struggled with trying not to gain freshman 15 but canes is basically your next door neighbor

Ya, it’s a real thing… especially when a 3 chicken combo for $7.99 is just down the block. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s worth every calorie.

Osu Dining

4. BOMBS!!!

It’s Thursday night… you know where you are, you know what you’re holding in your hand. $1 bombs were a blessing and a curse.

OSu bombs

5. You had to take a survey class

Survey supposed to help you out and act as your weekly de-stressor, but really it just stressed you out even more.

6. You forgot your buck ID and locked yourself out of your room (except if you lived in Morrison in which case your key was always on a hair tie around your wrist)

You got out of the shower and went back to your room just to realize that you left your buck ID on the other side of the door. You’d then have to hope your roommate was nearby or else you were going downstairs in a towel and shower shoes to get a new key card.

osu ID

7. Sloopy’s was your go to dining spot

Whether it was a Saturday morning and you needed some greasy hangover-type food, or it was during the week before classes and you were craving a bacon, egg & cheese, sloopy’s was where you would wind up (and for like an hour because it’s super slow).

8. You got so excited when you received an e-mail telling you that you had a package at the front desk.

It was usually something you ordered on amazon prime two days before, but there were always those occasional surprises from mom or grandma.

osu packages

9. You were at the C-store every Sunday night using up swipes

You probably had 3 or 4 left at the end of the week and didn’t want them to go to waste so you bought another box of ramen noodles or, more than likely, a tub of ice cream to satisfy your late night cravings. This is a known OSU landmark.

10. You realized that you made the best decision ever and are beyond in love with your amazing school.

You knew (and still know) that you really couldn’t have picked a better place to spend your next 4 years and you cannot wait to see the many other things it has to offer.

OSU crest

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