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20 Reasons Why OSU Is The Absolute Worst

20 Reasons Why OSU Is The Absolute Worst

A new semester at OSU is almost here and I am not excited, because it is the worst university of all time. If you don’t agree, keep reading! Here are 20 reasons why, in my opinion, The Ohio State University is the absolute worst…

1. Brutus Buckeye is randomly running around EVERYWHERE.

Which means you HAVE to take a selfie with him on Snapchat and document his shenanigans in and around the OSU campus.




2. FREE coffee during finals week?! #TeamNoSleep

Every now and then Coffee Mate will set up shop in the Union and on south Oval, which means, FREE COFFEE!!! Thanks to the additional hours I spend awake, I was able to cram better for my exams and satisfy my caffeine cravings…how dare they.



3. You can’t avoid a sunburn and grass stains from Oval beach.

Yes, freshman, pack your sunscreen, summer isn’t quite over yet. Laying out in the Oval to get tan is a big thing here at OSU. Don’t be surprised if there are also playful puppies running around too. In fact, being outside so much means I guess I have to buy a hammock, Frisbee, and try slack lining and penny boarding!


4. Food trucks conveniently located near Baker Systems building and Fischer College of Business will make you late to your next class.

With smells that good and having stomach growls all day, who has time for a dining hall trip? Just grab some super yummy pirogies and get on your way to class.


5. Those lines in Scott Dining Hall for ALL DAY breakfast and Mongolian Grill.

If you do decide to make it to lunch, stop by in the newly renovated Scott Traditions and if you hit main lunch hours, there WILL be lines for the ever so popular All-Day Breakfast and Mongolian Grill. (But they’re worth the wait.)

6. The never ending CONSTRUCTION for beautiful new buildings!

It may be a bit annoying to find new routes to get to where you need to go because of construction. But if it means new dorms, new buildings, and modern updates, why not?


7. Cyclists everywhere = the bane of people’s existence.

They are always around because campus is SO BIG. And when you gotta get somewhere fast, it’s the best option. Just for the sake of others, please be attentive of your surroundings. Thank you, sincerely, Pedestrians and Drivers.

8. Union events are hard to locate because it is also SO BIG.

Don’t be late to these big events by not knowing where it is! There are maps on the website and usually students who spend a lot of time there can help you find rooms.



9. You will get claustrophobic at the Involvement Fair.

There are literally hundreds of organizations/clubs/greek life that have their respective tables and are trying to recruit people at OSU. It IS overwhelming, but once you find one or a couple groups that you click with, it’s easy to find a family here and make campus more fun and personal.



10. People all seem to be finding internships, research opportunities in abundance…talk about pressure.

The perfect push to encourage you to get ahead in your career and do something worth the experience too. Don’t worry too much, there really are plenty of opportunities, it just takes a bit of doing your own info gathering by asking, and seeking out the right people!

11. Cane’s WILL MAKE YOU FAT, also Buckeye Donuts, and Insomnia Cookies.

OMG…all this food, open so late at night, the temptations are real.



12. But I have no excuse to NOT workout with the RPAC; squats anyone?

Leg day EVERYDAY. And there’s a hot tub and sauna, if you’re into that kinda thing. Did I mention smoothies? It may be scary to get into the gym with people who are really fit already, but make it a goal to be healthy for your own good.



13. Thompson Library is SO crowded sometimes.

So finding hidden gem places to study can be fun! Just be sure to find a good study area early in the year and ACTUALLY get work done. Hit the books and focus!



14. CABS/COTA bus took me forever to learn.

CABS is our free campus bus that runs all day til 1 AM. Just take the CLN to go south, and the CLS to go to north campus. Wait, those letters aren’t matching the description. Yes, I know. A little trick is to think “leaving north” for CLN, and “leaving south” CLS. And the COTA bus is free to OSU students with their BuckID’s, otherwise it’s $2 to take you around Columbus.


15. Carmen Ohio says it best, the seasons of Ohio weather are felt by all.

“Summer’s hot and winter’s cold” Yup. Sounds about right. The alma mater knows.

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16. There’s a random body of water in the middle of campus. Awful.

And it definitely makes the morning walk to an 8 AM class much more enjoyable. Plus taking bae to Mirror Lake for the afternoon is always a hit.



17. Let’s face it, the state up north is right to hate us.

I mean all we did was win a national championship. The memes that come out of this rivalry are pretty hilarious though.




18. Did you hear that? Someone just yelled O-H! IO!

Our pride reaches all ends of the earth, with countless pictures of folks spelling OHIO with their arms in all different places and landmarks. I’ve been asked before, “Are you one of those Ohio State fans?” Yes, yes I am! And I don’t care who hears!


19. We consider Afroduck a celebrity.

WHO DOES THAT? We do. And Afroduck is the best duck in all the land.



20. Sports, sports, sports, and MORE SPORTS!

Seriously, if you’re not a sports fan… all of a sudden Buckeye Nation hits til you bleed scarlet and grey! It has made me a Zeke crop top lover and Braxton Spinner within one season. Plus, TBDBITL made it YouTube viral with their amazing halftime shows.


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