6 Things Only Purdue University Students Understand

Each university has things that only students who go to it understand, Purdue University is no exception. Here are the 6 things that only Purdue University students will understand:

1. Wearing shorts one day, and sweaters the next.

The weather here is highly unpredictable, so dressing for it goes something like this.

idk shrug GIF by Fall Out Boy

2. The unbearable wait for the sloop.

The sloop is most popular bus loop here, meaning that waiting for the bus to come varies time wise. Sometimes you’ll be able to hop right on it and sometimes you’ll wait for what feels like a day. You never know.

3. Struggling to connect to PAL 3.0 when you need it the most

PAL 3.0 is the wifi here at Purdue. And let me say that it is NOT a friend of ours.

shocked tracy jordan GIF by CraveTV

4. Finding a spot in WALC.

Yup, it is impossible if ask me.

serious jessica chastain GIF by Molly’s Game

5. Going to Hammer’s Doughnuts after a rough exam.

They’re basically a necessity at this point.

behind the scenes GIF by Taylor Swift

6. Getting coffee at Greyhouse for a late night grind sesh.

Greyhouse coffee = must have.

coffee GIF

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