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20 Awesome Purdue Gifts

20 Awesome Purdue Gifts

20 Awesome Items To Show Off Your Purdue Pride

If you are looking for Purdue gifts for your proud parents, or just want to show off your school spirit, check out our selection of Purdue apparel and items. Here are 20 awesome Purdue gifts all Boilermakers will love.

1. Pillow Pet

Snuggle up with an NCAA pillow pet. The pillow pet bear decked out in Purdue’s black and gold is perfect for road trips, dorm sleepovers or as something to cry on during finals week. One of the cutest Purdue gifts we can find.


2. A Cute Alex and Ani Purdue Bracelet

A subtle and classy way to show off your love for Purdue.

3. Purdue Mini Cooler

Whether you are using it to bring your beer to another dorm or for tailgates, this mini cooler is one of the best Purdue gifts and a useful way to show off your school spirit.


4. Corn Hole Bags

Corn hole is a huge deal to us boilermakers here in Indiana, so why not show some Purdue pride while playing? These corn hole bags decorated with the boilermaker special, the Purdue P and a basketball, are perfect for tailgating events at school or a fun game with family back home.

5. Purdue Wreaths

If you’re anything like me, you love decorating your doors with wreaths during Christmastime. These adorable black and gold Purdue wreaths from Etsy are great stand-ins for Christmas wreaths and can hang on your dorm room door all year long.


6. Purdue Shot Glasses

Celebrate your 21st with Purdue shot glasses! You could also gift them to a friend, display them in your apartment or save them for grand prix week.


7. Purdue Headphones

Study areas can get loud sometimes, stay focused and listen to some of your favorite tunes with these NCAA headphones. They’re also great for long airplane trips and walks to class.

8. Wall Decals

Decorate your dorm with these awesome Purdue wall decals! They stick on really easily and are tear and fade resistant.


9. iPad Stand

This iPad stand comes in a ton of Purdue designs and can be used to prop up your iPad for a Netflix marathon with friends or to watch a missed lecture on BoilerCast.


10. Christmas Ornament

Show your school pride during the holidays with a Purdue Christmas ornament. They come in several different designs including a snowflake, a football and a sled. I bought one my freshman year and now it sparkles on our tree every year as a reminder of what a great school I attend.

11. Pet Leash

You might have to leave your K9 best friend at home during the school year but on the days you come home, remind your dogs that they’re a part of the boilermaker family with a Purdue leash.


12. Purdue Cooler Tote

This cute Purdue cooler is perfect for tailgating and will definitely come in handy for a weekend picnic when it’s warm out.


13. Purdue Converse

Walking around a campus with over 2,468 acres, you will definitely need comfortable shoes. These Converse sneakers will show off your school spirit and give you a comfy walk to class guaranteed.

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14. Golf Head Covers

Golf fans can spend the afternoon at the beautiful Kampen and Ackerman-Allen golf courses using these Purdue golf head covers.

15. Yoga Pants

Working out is a lot more fun when you have on a cute outfit, which is exactly why you need these adorable Purdue yoga pants. Wear them to the Co-Rec or to class when you don’t feel like wearing feel pants, which is probably often.


16. Sports Bra

Pair this Purdue sports bra with the yoga pants above and maybe you’ll be more motivated to stop by the Co-Rec or go for a run around campus. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll look good doing it.


17. Sunglasses

Purdue is not always hot but when it is, it’s scorching, especially during BGR week. These retro Purdue sunglasses are a great way to shield your eyes from the sun and look cool walking to class.

18. Laptop Stickers

I feel like everyone has laptop stickers these days, they’re a fun way to give people insight into your life and personality without even saying a word. Purdue stickers are no exception, decorating your laptop with them will definitely convey the message: “This is my school and I love it.”


19. Magnets

Show off your school spirit by decking out your fridge or your car with Purdue magnets!


20. Frisbee

This Frisbee is cheap and inviting people to join in a game of Frisbee is a great way to make friends on campus, just don’t get it stuck in a tree.

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