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13 Signs You Aren’t An Engineer At Purdue University

13 Signs You Aren’t An Engineer At Purdue University

Purdue University has a lot of engineers on campus. At Purdue if you aren't an engineer you will be able to recognize the obvious signs.

Purdue University is ranked the ninth best school for engineering in the nation, so its no wonder that most of the student body is made up of engineers. With a school full of engineers, it’s pretty easy to sense who’s an engineer and who’s not. Keep reading to discover what distinguishes non engineers from engineers.

1. If 95% percent of your conversations don’t consist of classes.

Sure, non-engineers  spend a lot of time talking about their classes too but as an engineer it seems like a lot of conversations focus on something going on one of classes whether its school work or the professor in general.

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2. You hardly spend any of your time at the engineering mall.

With the exception of classes, potentially ham mocking by the engineering fountain or snapping an artsy pic for the gram, most non-engineers can’t be found casually hanging out around the engineering mall. The engineering mall is kind of like the Engineers’ own little world.


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3. If you don’t have a black K-Swiss backpack.

There are some exceptions but most engineers like the practical design of a black K-Swiss, while us non-engineers prefer North Face or Herschel.

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4. The bags under your eyes are minimal.

After are some nights, some non-engineers have extreme bags under their eyes but having bags under your eyes is almost a daily struggle.


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5. If you own colored pens.

Engineers tend to only write in blue, black, or pencil, since their major requires them to be very practical and math focused.

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6. If you don’t value your calculator more than you value life itself.

A calculator is an engineer’s best friend, but if your non-engineering major doesn’t require a lot of math, the calculator means next to nothing to you.


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7. If you aren’t constantly talking about grades.

For most of us, grades are very important, but grades seem to be most engineers’ greatest concerns.

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8. You have no idea what’s its like to have an engineering group.

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9. You don’t get annoyed when people think your major is all about bridges.

Most Non civil engineers get headed by just the mention of bridges.

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10. Stress, Pressure, and Strain only have one meaning to you.

Most of us are only aware of these in an emotional sense, but most engineers, specifically civil engineers are experts of the effects of these on bridges.


11. You don’t own a shirt with a witty or smart ass comment on it.

Some non-engineers, such as bio or chem majors have funny shirts too sometimes, but one of the biggest signs that you’re an engineer is if your wardrobe consists of at least one of these shirts.

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12. If  you’re not always trying to fix things.

Engineers are constantly trying to come up with innovative solutions to problems or new ways of doing something.

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13.You don’t own a Purdue Engineering shirt.

This is one of the most obvious signs.

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