15 Signs You’re From Northern Indiana

Wherever you grow up tends to hold a special place in your heart, even if you’ve grown up and moved away. Reminiscing on all the different aspects of your childhood in your hometown is always a good idea. So why not do so now? Growing up in Northern Indiana is a unique experience in itself, and us native Northern Indianans have plenty of memories to reminisce on. So here are 15 signs that you’re from Northern Indiana.

1. The Forecast

You have an article of clothing with you that will work for every weather change. The forecast will make a prediction that will most likely be inaccurate.

indiana 1

2. Snow Days

This is a day off from school that you are highly depending on throughout the winter season. These rarely ever happen, but they are pretty nice. Lake effect snow can be the best sometimes. 

3. Corn

Lots and lots of corn. While in northwest Indiana, all you are able to see is corn.

4. The Region

The region is a section of the Chicago Metropolitan area that spills over the Indiana border.

5. You switch between your heat and AC in the same day.

It can be 30° in the morning and 85° by the afternoon.

6. The biggest question of your youth was “Purdue or IU.”

Obviously you chose Purdue. Boiler Up!

7. Traffic is usually caused by tractors, trains, or an animal crossing the street.

8. Deer are EVERYWHERE.

9. The best sunsets are Indiana sunsets, no others compare.

10. You drink pop, not soda.

11. Mucho Mas is the best Mexican restaurant. 

12. There’s only Haciendas in Northern Indiana. 

13. You have a very strong dislike for drivers from Illinois.

They have a very different type of driving skills than us Indiana people.

14. Taking a short drive to Lake Michigan.

Whether it’s for the sunrise, sunset, beach glass hunting, ice-cream, etc.

15. Indiana is home.

These are 15 signs you are from Northern Indiana. Did I miss anything? Share in the comments below!
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