10 GIFs That Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At Purdue University

Ever wonder what it's like being a Purdue University student? Here are 10 GIFs that describe being a student at Purdue University. Go Boilers!

All Boilermakers have experiences that are unique to Purdue University.  We all face similar struggles, from figuring out how to avoid construction to failing our evening exams.  But we also have so many perks, like Den Pops, fountain runs, and cheering on our favorite team!  Here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at Purdue University.

1. Evening exams in Elliot.

At some point during your time at Purdue, you will have a dreaded evening exam in Elliot hall.  And when you get there, you’ll realize that staying up all night and cramming didn’t help you at all and you can’t even remember how to spell your name…

School Paper GIF - School Paper Exam GIFs



2. Getting around campus.

Anyone who goes to Purdue knows that there’s only one season: construction season.  And it’s year-round.

Construction GIF - Construction Popeye Teamwork GIFs


3. Crazy weather.

All Purdue students know that in Indiana, the weather can literally go from 90˚ and sunny to thunder storms, then to snow storms, then to hail.  All in one day.

Weather GIF - Weather GIFs

4. Seeing a dog on campus.

We all know the excitement of seeing a cute puppy being walked around campus.  And we all know how insane we look when we freak out about how cute they are.


Gonna Die GIF - Flufft ItsSoFluffy ImGonnaDie GIFs

5. Experiencing game day.

Let’s face it: our team doesn’t always win.  But we love them anyways!  When it comes time for football games, we are there to dress up in crazy costumes and cheer the team on… even if it means being woken up at 6 AM by the Boilermaker Special.

Purdue Pete GIF - Purdue BoilerUp GIFs


6. Speaking of game day… IU Sucks.

We all know it.  It’s not up for debate, it’s a fact: IU seriously sucks.

Killa Sloss GIF - Killa Sloss Epsilon GIFs

7. Fountain runs.

To most people, running through fountains and getting all soggy would be crazy.  To us, it’s the most exciting thing to do on campus!


Friends Fountain GIF - Friends Fountain GIFs

8. Den pops.

There is a Den pop combination for literally everyone.  And the best part? It’s less than $1! As college students, we can appreciate that on a deep level.

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9. Planning meals around free call-out pizza.

We all do it.  We rely on free call-out pizza to not starve.  Even if it’s for the most random club that we have no interest in.

Cat Pizza GIF - Cat Pizza Cute GIFs


10. Seeing someone walk under the Bell Tower.

It makes us all cringe to see a naive freshman walk right under the Bell Tower.  We all know they have no chance of graduating in 4 years!

Don't Do It GIF - Shaq Dont DontDoIt GIFs

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