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10 GIFs That Describe What Its Like To Be A Student At Purdue

10 GIFs That Describe What Its Like To Be A Student At Purdue

Life for students at Purdue is always interesting and exciting. The only way to describe life as a student is by using these 10 GIFs! Boiler up!

It’s 2017, what better way to describe your college life than by using GIFS? What makes it better is that we are currently in the 50th anniversary month of the GIF, pretty neat right? Here at Purdue, we’re often lost for words to describe what we go through so we turn to GIFS. Here’s an apt list of some of our most common reactions or feelings in the form of GIFS for your entertainment!

1. When you register for a class and there’s only one 7:30am section

That’s gotta hurt, right? The walk across campus is going be cold and sad.


2. When you wake up on a Saturday morning after a heavy night to the blaring horn of the Boilermaker Special

Come on guys, really? Saturday morning?

When SHR was postponed because of baseball.

3. When you release a print job to itap printing but it goes to color printing

Why technology, why


When your computer power down and you didn’t save your 5 sides written essay.

4. When your code doesn’t work for a project that’s due tomorrow and depends on you passing the class or not

Well it was fun while it lasted, Purdue Engineering.

Quand le module de cours est fini, et que je quitte mes étudiantsWhen the class is finished, and I must leave my students


5. When spend 4 hours working on the ENGR 131 project you still have no idea what you are doing

Is this what college is like?

6. When you’ve spent over 8 hours in HICKS trying to figure out Purdue math but your friends are out at the bars

Tempting, but Purdue math



7. When you’re walking into Harry’s and you order a drink and get some of that popcorn

Well, it’s free so why not?

When you see history repeating

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8. When it’s 3am and HotBox Pizza has $6.44 slices and breadsticks


“Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah” Cookie Monster on Sesame Street


9. When it’s Thirsty Thursday and everyone has their cactus cups out but you don’t turn 21 until next year

I guess I’ll just sit and finish a tub of peanut butter

 tv funny movie reaction jennifer lawrence GIF

10. When you finally get that Purdue University stamp on your degree

I survived, but how?


Epitaph Records music music video baseball running GIF

Can you relate to these GIFs about being a student at Purdue!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: Instagram