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9 Things Only A Transfer To Virginia Tech Would Understand

9 Things Only A Transfer To Virginia Tech Would Understand

Not everyone get’s it right when they choose a college or university to attend right after high school… I sure as hell didn’t. I hated where I was my during my freshman year for thousands of reasons, so I made the hard decision to transfer to Virginia Tech. When I applied to schools, I applied to different ones in Virginia alone and was 100% set on transferring to VT. Thank god I did, because it has been smooth sailing since. While the transition was pretty easy overall, there were and are still a couple things that I am getting used to. Not everything is Tech specific, because how can it be after you completely change the direction of your life. So keep reading to find out some struggles with a transfer to Virginia Tech!

1. Everyone already has their friend groups.

This would be an issue anywhere, but especially when you don’t live in a dorm. At Tech, sophomore’s do not generally live on campus, so you miss out on getting those immediate friends from your hall. Eventually, you find your way, but those few couple weeks are pretty hard.



2. Learning the difference between the Chase and RSA.

I honestly still think these are the same thing.



3. Learning to understand and appreciate Beamer’s legacy.

I do know a little bit about Beamer, but only because my mom was also a Hokie. But, what’s Beamer ball??


4. Parking…

Why is there none of it? I have a parking pass and I can’t even use it (or maybe I’m just incapable). I got a parking ticket on the very first day of classes! Since then, I have paid over $100 in tickets. I still don’t know when I can park without a pass, when I can’t, where I can never park, and the list of confusion goes on and on—so I guess this is why so many people have a bike?


5. Meal plans!

It doesn’t revolve around meal swipes. Meal plans here are all dining dollar based. But I still can’t wrap my head around why I pay $800, to get a $300 meal plan, and then it is all 50% off, but then that’s $600 worth of food, and I still pay $800…. But whatever! It’s the price to pay for the best food I guess.

6. Transfer credits…

This was the worst part, and probably would be everywhere. I worked so hard at my previous school and had 36 credits, and I was only awarded 24 of them at Virginia Tech. Anyone else a sophomore by year and freshman by credit??? I feel a little behind as a result and it’s stressful, but I can still graduate on time (probably).

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7. Figuring out why people are so obsessed with chicken parm.

Every person here is obsessed with Owen’s chicken parmesan. Someone made a whole twitter account that will say if it is chicken parm day or not. If you don’t follow it, its @chickenparmvt.



8. Who is this unicycle guy?

Supposedly, on days with good weather, a guy on a unicycle will roll around campus for no reason. Not gonna lie, he does put a smile on my face, but I’m still confused.

9. Running into the Hokie bird literally everywhere!

People actually chase him. There is literally a need to catch this bird to take a picture with him. Just the other day he rolled up to me on a skateboard and voluntarily posed for a picture with me, which fortunately didn’t require any running at all on my part.


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